If you’re a freelancer, contractor, or small business owner, you already know how to use time tracking software. Time is a limited resource, and effective time management is key to increasing productivity.

It also helps boost your bottom line, and reduce operational costs.

In any case, effective time management is exceptionally useful for businesses. According to surveys, representatives who track time manually are more likely to report their time inaccurately.

The solution? Using time tracking software for seamless, automated time tracking whenever you begin and end working on a task.

Key Features to Look for in Time Tracking Software

There are various distinguishing features within each time tracking solution that appeal to different types and sizes of businesses. Here are 5 features that I find are a must-have when investing in a time tracking app:

  1. Online Timesheets – Surprisingly, not all time-tracking products feature a timesheet, which centralizes all recorded billable hours.
  2. Billing/Invoicing – Invoicing automation process saves from time-taking efforts of bill generation.
  3. Reporting & Analytics – Enable you to create reports and summaries with a few clicks to analyze a wide range of employee data.
  4. Integrations – Integrated time tracking apps with other software and tools offer better control over employee management and project.
  5. Monitoring – Keeping employees disciplined and helping them with the project deadlines become easier.

Benefits of Using Time Tracking Software ⏲️

As indicated by a recent investigation; 75% of representatives who use time tracking software discover it extremely supportive to deal with their time and remain sorted out all through. 18% of the workers detailed that their administrators track their time for them.

According to another report, daily time tracking can dimtinish efficiency spills by 80%.

Furthermore, TSheets reported that time theft can cost employers an average of $11 billion per year. Not just that, buddy punching can likewise cost employers roughly $373 million every year.

To get an accurate representation of whether you’re spending your time on things that matter, you need a time tracking app. Here’s a rundown of the 18 best time tracking software to use this year:

The Best Time Tracking Software in 2020

1. Timesheets.com

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Ideal time tracking for employees and contractors alike, Timesheets.com is our top pick for the best time tracking software this year.

Timesheets.com effortlessly records and tracks time that can then be used for payroll processing, billing, or job costing. There are also other powerful features included inside the Timesheets.com platform such as e-signatures, approvals, overtime/time-off tracking, and more.

This online time tracking tool creates an online timesheet for each employee, giving managers clear visibility regarding their attendance, time spent on tasks, workdays taken off, and more.

There is also GPS tracking that you can use to keep track of your remote employees. Whenever they reach a particular location and clock in or out, Timesheets.com uses Google Maps to present location data along with clock-in and clock-out details.

Timesheets.com provides multiple time logging/entry options, allowing workers to enter time any way you want. Your team can punch the clock, make manual time entries, or use timers to tracks jobs in real-time.

For time tracking software, we found Timesheets.com to top the list with a comprehensive feature set, providing solutions for time tracking, reporting, and billing.


  • A complete time tracking software to easily track time spent on tasks for your entire team
  • Share auto-generated reports easily for billing, payrolls, project costing, and more
  • Customizable user permission settings so your team only has access to what is needed without compromising security
  • Flexible time entry options – use manual time entries inside timesheets or use the timer to track progress in real-time
  • GPS tracking capabilities to monitor your staff’s clock in and clock out locations
  • Approvals from supervisory staff before timesheets are forwarded for billing/payroll
  • Time off requests, approvals & tracking, overtime tracking, and accrual management features ensure all hours are accounted for
  • Highly customizable according to customer’s needs – track all hours worked or follow work hours schedule
  • Easily set rollover values or implement use-it-or-lose-it rules for employees’ time off balances
  • Track all sorts of employee-related expenses – mileage, mobile expenses, bonuses, commissions, per diems, and more
  • Built-in HR management module helps keep all key employee information as well as timesheets and billing details in one place


  • Freelancer: Free of cost. Track your own time spent on tasks and expenses. Only for personal use.
  • Standard: At $4.5 per user/month, for both small and large teams, includes the complete feature set for Timesheets.com
  • Nonprofits: At $3.6 per user/month – a special discount opportunity for NFPs, includes the complete feature set for Timesheets.com

2. Harvest

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Web, Browser Extensions

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Harvest is one of the best time tracking software for freelancers and teams. It offers built-in support for invoicing and billable hours, expense tracking, and other accounting feature that good employee time tracking software should have.

Launched in 2006, they aim to do things the Harvest way. This implies being honest, giving back, innovating, and listening to customers’ needs among others.

Harvest offers a time tracking solution and invoicing under the same roof. This tool connects both features so you can be paid. Based on the tracked time entries without exporting data to another system. It also works offline.

Key Features

  1. Lots of integrations with tools, including project management, invoicing, CRM, and more
  2. Can track time with web apps, browser extensions, desktop apps, and mobile apps
  3. Built-in expense tracking, including receipt scanning
  4. Track who’s tracking time and when they’re working on a specific project. As well as who’s overworked to avoid burnouts. You can also use the timesheet approval system for an enhanced team oversight
  5. Check time entries and compare them to the initial project budget to see if you’re on track. The reports also show you the sum you need to invoice to be profitable
  6. Bill clients based on tracked time, send invoices via email. Get paid online through Stripe or PayPal. There’s also a native integration with Xero and QuickBooks that’s useful if you’re already using one of these apps
  7. Through their sister app, Forecast, you can book projects in advance. compare the time tracked in Harvest with the time scheduled in Forecast


There are 2 plans that you can choose from after the free trial expires, each adding more features:

  1. Free: It’s for 1 person, 2 projects, and you get unlimited invoices and clients. When you sign up you’ll first receive the full-featured 30-day free trial. After this expires, you’re able to use the free plan unless you upgrade.
  2. Pro: $12/person/month or $10.8/person/month (10% discount for annual payments): offers 2+ people, unlimited projects, clients, and invoicing. Timesheet approval system also allows managers to have an overview of their team’s activity.

You’ll have to pay separately for the scheduling feature, Harvest Forecast. ($5/month, unlimited users and projects)

All plans include time & expense tracking, powerful reporting, unlimited invoices, and estimates. Also project budget alerts, timesheet approval, integrations with 100+ apps. And apps for iOS, Android & Mac. Provides with bank-level security, and phone and email support.

3. Hourly App

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#3 on our list of the best time tracking apps, we have a new entry. Meet Hourly, a beautifully designed time tracking app with lots of powerful features to help you and your team make the most of their productive hours.

From automatic time tracking using an auto-logging tracker to payroll processing, time cards, and more – Hourly has just about everything you need. There are apps available for both Android and iOS devices, so you can work on the go and still keep track of time.

The story behind Hourly is quite interesting – the co-founder, Tom Sagi, couldn’t find a time tracking solution that would meet his needs for his construction team. Disappointed, Tom then partnered Shay Litvak, a seasoned technologist to develop Hourly.

Key Features

  1. Location and employee hour tracking powered by automated time tracker – no more manual entries needed
  2. Delivers real-time progress updates so you can keep track of hourly employee expenses and performance, and take timely actions as needed
  3.  Helps comply with labor laws – delivers timely alerts for breaks, provides audit logs, and detailed time reports
  4. Built-in GPS tracking to help you only log hours from employees that are required to be at a certain location when needed
  5. Geo-fencing features to stay alert when employees are not working from where they are supposed to be
  6. Easy access for employees – access paystubs and W-2, and can sign their W-4 using Hourly’s mobile apps
  7. Seamless payroll processing using direct deposits, paychecks or via credit card
  8. Strong reporting features to generate reports for job costing, taxes, bank reconciliation, time off and more
  9.  Expert advisors to help you get the best deal on your workers’ compensation insurance so you and your team is always protected


Hourly comes with the following pricing plans:

  1. Time Tracking: $40/month base fee + $8 per user/month, includes time tracking, automated signed timesheets, GPS clock-ins, and tracking, overtime and break monitoring, detailed reports, audit logs, unlimited phone support
  2. Payroll: $60/month base fee + $10 per user/month, includes unlimited payroll runs, direct deposit + paychecks, automatic tax filing, 1099s and W-2s, garnishments and benefits, unlimited phone support
  3. Time Tracking + Payroll: $80/month base fee + $14 per user/month, includes time tracking and payroll features plus workers’ compensation insurance, priority phone support, and HR support

4. Toggl

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, Web, and Browser Extensions

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Toggl is a free time tracking software. It is best for individuals and freelancers. Toggl also offers enterprise plans for teams and can be a great employee time tracking software.

It takes pride in its remote work culture. They unite a mix of people from all over the world to create one product that can serve teams of all sizes. It is a powerful project time tracking software.

It offers a simple easy-to-use interface that lets you assign tasks to projects and clients on-the-fly, including time-saving options that lets you create new projects or clients without leaving your dashboard.

On the desktop app, you can automatically track certain activities and set reminders. With the other apps, you’ll need to manually start/stop your timers.

To round things out, you get a great reporting invoice. As well as 100+ integrations with other popular tools such as Trello, Asana, and lots more.

Key Features

  1. Available through the web timer or browser extension button that connects with 100+ apps. You can track time from several places in the app. Including the dashboard where the most active team member will also get a motivational first place spot
  2. You can check your time usage, who’s working on what. And how many hours your team spends on different projects and clients from the summary/detailed/weekly reports
  3. See if the project and team follow the initial estimations in terms of logged time. find out which tasks are overdue, and which exceeded the initial set budget
  4. Discover the projects and employees that are bringing the most revenue. This can help you make better estimates. To know exactly which tasks should be assigned to an employee
  5. Toggl Master program lets you hire a certified Toggl consultant. To help you with the tool’s implementation. In exchange for a specific price, you can get help on setting up the tool. Using Toggl on different platforms, importing data, team management, and more
  6. Easy tagging by project and client. And creating new projects/tags only takes a couple of seconds. No page reloads or clicking around required
  7. Detailed reporting functionality. This helps you visualize where you spent your time or generate reports for clients. It also gives you flexible filters
  8. 100+ integrations. For example, you can start a timer from inside a Trello card, or connect to some other tools


Toggl allows you to choose between four pricing plans:

1. Basic: Free for teams of up to 5 users
It offers tracking time, deleting time entries to correct those unwanted mistakes. Bulk edit, adding time manually. In case you always forget about the timer, auto tracker for multitaskers.

Tags, keyboard shortcuts to make the time tracking process faster. Idle detection, time formats, and an offline mode. Also, you will get a Pomodoro timer to improve your productivity, .csv import, summary, reports, dashboard, archive projects, project colors to keep users engaged. And much more.

2. Starter: Offered at $10/user/month ($9/user/month – if paid annually)This plan gets you the basic plan features. Plus billable rates, exporting, rounding, bookmarked reports. Company logo for a dash of personality, project dashboard, tasks, and alerts for estimates. Project time estimates, and unlimited team size.

3. Premium: Offered at $20/user/month ($18/user/month – if paid annually)This plan gets you the Starter plan features. Plus tracking reminders, locking time entries, time audits, and scheduled reports to email. Required fields on a time entry for stricter tasks, adding time for team members, and more.

4. Enterprise: custom cost. This plan gets you the Premium plan features. Also, Priority support for a more personalized level of service when you’re seeking technical help.

5. Everhour

Supported Platforms: Web, iOS (Beta), Browser Extensions

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Everhour is an online-only time tracker. It is a lightweight scheduling app that syncs with productivity apps you may already use.

When used collaboratively, Everhour can track employee availability. For each team member, including yourself, you can enter the most number of hours per day or week.

To work on a particular project. Everhour is the most straightforward choice you can ever make in streamlining your time tracking needs.

What makes Everhour an instant winner for Agile teams is its ability to embed into a variety of used project management tools. Namely, Asana, Trello, and Basecamp.

More than that, Everhour offers its users with basic task and project management features as well.

Key Features

  1. Everhour contains a built-in digital timer. That can be used to log in and record the total hours spent on a task or a project. Team members can log and track their hours manually as well
  2. A team leads or a project manager can trace which team member failed to meet his/her deadline. From the live dashboard that provides a central view of all project timelines with specific labels of ‘total time spent’ next to each task
  3. Flexible reporting – In Everhour reporting is just as simple as tracking. With the use of filters, users can sort reports into a time range and order of importance. And can customize these reports into 30 different combinations
  4. Users can assign due dates, milestones, and tags to each task. To analyze the task about their timeline
  5. Everhour is a web-based tool that can be operated on any browser such as Mozilla, Chrome, and Safari. Traveling consultants and executives can manage timesheets and project timelines on the go. By referring to Everhour on their mobile phones
  6. Everhour also has an option to log scheduled time off. You can then look at the team’s schedule, and you’ll see available hours in green. Time off as gray, and sessions that went overtime in red
  7. Everhour has an included invoicing system, it’s relatively lightweight. If you choose Everhour to need invoicing functionality. You’ll want to explore its integration with more robust accounting apps


Everhour offers the following plans:

  1. Free: This is the basic time tracking for small teams offered for free. Allows up to 5 users. With all features, and second-priority support. Integrations not included.
  2. Solo: This plan offers time tracking with popular apps for individuals at $8/month paying year upfront. Allows 1 user with all features. Along with email/chat support and comes with a 14-day free trial.
  3. Team: This plan offers time tracking with popular apps for teams, big and small at $7/user /month. It starts from 5 users to an infinite number of users. Provided with all features. Save 30% by paying monthly or annually.

6. Timely

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, macOS, Web, Windows

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Timely is a tool that tracks time, creates schedules, and automatic timesheets simultaneously.

Some business owners use a calendar to carve out blocks of time to work on different projects. If that’s how you like to work, then Timely might be the ideal time tracker for you.

Timely combines scheduling and time tracking into one app. Giving you a calendar-like view of time spent on tasks.

You can log a manual entry, run a timer, and plan how much time you expect to work on different projects. Timely shows you how much you’ve earned based on hourly rates.

Your plugin for different tasks, and your projected earnings if you stick to the weekly plan you’ve created.

Key Features

  1. With bulk editing, you can mark multiple entries as “billed”, delete entries and manage tags in one go
  2. You can create customized reports and share them externally through links provided
  3. Track your team performance via key metrics. Such as capacity as well as billable percentage
  4. You can create multiple teams based on various metric e.g. country or departments. This helps manage and track teams
  5. With the feature called ‘Memory Tracker’. You have the option of keeping your tracked data in a private timeline only accessible to you
  6. Rename the suggested entry titles and adjust the grouping of activities. You can also re-assign set tags
  7. The automatic SMS and email reminders help users save time and money. By effectively reducing no-shows with an average of 44%


To use Timely, you’ll have to choose between 5 different plans. Each subscription level is made for different types of businesses and individuals:

  1. Moonlight: $7/month ($6/month if paid annually). 5 active projects – For only 1 user. You’ll get to track your computer activity and track time spent in meetings or your favorite apps.
  2. Freelancer: $14/month ($13/month if paid annually): 25 active projects. Includes the Moonlight plan features + track computer activity for all days. Get your work categorized by AI, and lock timesheet entries to prevent changes.
  3. Professional: $23/month ($20/month if paid annually): unlimited active projects. It includes the Freelancer plan features + in-app support, and notifications on potential logging errors. Project and team planning, and tagging for timesheet entries.
  4. Growth: $99/month ($89/month if paid annually): 50 active projects and 5 seats included. It includes the Freelancer plan features + track location activities.
  5. Business: $299/month ($269/month if paid annually): unlimited active projects and 15 seats included. It includes the growth plan features + in-app support, notifications on potential logging errors, team’s organization, and log time for others feature. Project and team planning, and tagging for timesheet entries.

7. TSheets by QuickBooks

Supported Platforms: Web, Android, iOS

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Started in 2006, TSheets fulfilled a need of one of the founder’s previous company. Tracking timesheets for employees who were always on the go.

The team then grew from just two members who wanted to fix reporting and productivity issues, to having more than 100 employees. Intuit acquired the tool in 2017.

Lauded by many as one of the most technically diverse time tracking software, TSheets is a must-try. It is a cloud-based management system. That comes with a huge set of advanced time tracking features.

With an open API, TSheets provides QuickBooks integrations. Along with any management software of user preference.

This tool is best for freelancers, small, medium, and large teams. Who needs time tracking and team scheduling tool. It stands out because it can easily track time on any device to streamline payroll, send accurate invoices, and save thousands each year.

Key Features

  1. Predict time needs for job costs, plan for payroll, and increase profitability. Also, to ensure accurate timings, anyone with permission can approve or reject timesheets
  2. TSheets users can call into the app with their mobile phones or regular phones to sign in and out
  3. The excellent GPS tracking feature in TSheets enables project managers to locate their team member’s locations
  4. TSheetspresents time reports in visually appealing graph charts and tables. That can be quickly understood in a single glance
  5. Manage employee time with the help of overtime alerts, who’s Working feature and paid-time-off feature
  6. Users can choose the notification type. In which they want their manager, administrator or team member to be informed. Overtime alerts can be sent via email, SMS or Twitter
  7. Project managers and team leads can keep a birds-eye-view on who is currently working and who is not. Using the who’s working feature. It allows real-time tracking of which employee is working on what and from where


TSheets offers just one paid plan, the details of which are as below:

  • $8/user/month + $20 base fee/month paid monthly, or
  • $6.40/user/month + $16 base fee/month if billed annually

The accounts include mobile apps for employees who work out of the office, GPS timestamps, flexible time entry, and more. Also, you’ll get Payroll Reports, Project Reports, and Job Costing.

Equally, you’ll have access to Audit Trail, 99.99% Server Uptime to answer questions anytime, Safe Harbor Certified to maintain privacy, etc.

8. Tick

Supported Platforms: Android, macOS, iOS

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Tick tool is for larger teams who are put off by the “per user” pricing of other tools. And would prefer their employee time tracking software to be less restrictive in terms of users on board.

Tick’s billing structure is one of the most unique things about this time tracker. Whereas every other tool charges you “per user” for team plans. Tick charges per “project”, with each plan supporting unlimited users.

Depending on how many projects you work on, that might mean significant cost savings, especially for larger teams. The actual interface is pretty basic. It sets you up with projects and tasks that you can track either in real-time or by manually entering data once you’re finished.

Key Features

  1. In a three-step process comprising of project selection, task selection, and time entry. You can track the time and use timesheet reporting to get budget feedback. Meanwhile, you can add notes to the card as needed
  2. You can choose between a single timer or toggle between multiple timers while working on multiple tasks. You can use completed time entries to create new timers for later use
  3. Team members can track how much time is left for task completion. This helps the team stay on top of their budget with every task completed
  4. The pricing strategy is attractive for large teams that don’t work on a ton of projects
  5. Multiple timers can be used for multiple tasks or a single timer to assess how much time an entire project took with all the tasks
  6. The best part: with each task completed, it gives you budget feedback that keeps you stay on track
  7. Plus, the team members can add new time intervals to the timers based on how much time a task took. These time entries can be set as a standard for similar tasks in the future


The following plans are offered by Tick time tracking app:


Number of ProjectsCost
1Free with unlimited users and Basecamp integration
10$19/month offers unlimited users and Basecamp integration. Provided with recurring projects.
30$49/month offers unlimited users and Basecamp integration. Provided with recurring projects.
60$79/month offers unlimited users and Basecamp integration. Provided with recurring projects.
Unlimited$149/month offers unlimited users and Basecamp integration. Provided with recurring projects.

9. HourStack

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Web

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HourStack is a collaborative time tracking tool that looks different from many other time tracking apps. It shows time in blocks as if the time it takes you to work on a task were an event on your calendar.

HourStack is the tool for visualizing time differently. As with other time tracking apps, HourStack lets you create projects and tasks, which you can visualize using color-coding.

Additionally, you can add labels to types of tasks to differentiate between them. Such as business development and communication.

You can color-code these, too. Hourstack offers decent reports, and you can export info to Excel, CSV, and PDF format. The price is in line with what other time tracking apps charge.

It’s best suited for people who get value out of seeing their time spent on tasks laid out graphically.

Key Features

  1. Cloud-based, completely free, with no subscription required. Also provides unlimited entries, projects, and labels
  2. Simple and elegant interface for managing your time entries and tracking time. Filter to individual projects or labels to un-clutter your week
  3. Drag and drop entries to different days for quick and easy planning
  4. Notifications for when over your time allocation. Proximity notifications to remind you to turn off timers when you change location
  5. Custom week settings to set how many hours you work and when. Daily utilization and over-allocation indicators
  6. Works in real-time with a browser-based web version
  7. Paid subscription available in web version to allow for reporting and multi-user access


You can try HourStack free for 14 days with no credit card required. Other than this you can choose from the following plans:

  1. Personal: Single user only, specifically for individuals ready for a breakthrough in productivity. Costs $5.60/month when paying annually. Offers features like time tracking with unlimited entries, projects, and labels. Along with personal integrations, mobile app, and email supports.
  2. Professional: This plan is for individuals and teams that need advanced features. Available at $12 per user per month when paying annually. This plan offers all the features in the personal plan along with all integrations, multiple users, and live chat support. It also offers a team view, reporting, and XLS/CSV export. It comes with project budgets, week templates, unlimited guests, and user permission matrix.
  3. Enterprise: This is for teams of 200+ that need more security, support, and guaranteed uptime. This plan has customized pricing. You can save 20% by paying annually.

10. FreshBooks

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Web, and Browser Extensions

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FreshBooks is an all-in-one invoicing and accounting solution that also includes time-tracking functionality. You can use this cloud-based app via a computer or mobile device. It is considered as the best time tracking software within business software.

This time tracking app is full-featured. It can add details to tracked sessions and generate reports on how you spend your working hours. Freshbooks also includes thorough support for collaborative team use.

When your clients receive their bills, they can opt to pay you via FreshBooks easily and simply. If they do, FreshBooks will track that income as well. Giving you more insight into the financial health of your business.

Key Features

  1. Create professional invoices in seconds that help you get paid in a flash
  2. Accept credit cards online and get paid quickly and securely – directly from your invoice
  3. Track your time and be confident that you’re billing the right amount on your invoice. With an easy, at-a-glance breakdown of your billable hours
  4. Payments are automatically recorded so you don’t have to worry about your accounting
  5. Capture expenses on-the-go by snapping photos of receipts right from your mobile device
  6. It’s easier than ever to keep all your business conversations in one place
  7. Seamlessly and securely stays in sync across all your devices. You can track your business and make tax management, time tracking, and business accounting easy


  1. Lite: at $15/month along with 5 billable clients
  2. Plus: at $25/month along with 50 billable clients
  3. Premium: at $50/month along with 500 billable clients
  4. Select: Custom pricing, contact sales for inquiry, for 500+ billable clients.

11. Paymo

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS X, Linux, Android, iOS

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Primarily a project management software, Paymo comes with some solid time tracking features to make its way into this list of online time tracking software.

The software comes with all the essential features to help you track time associated with your projects – from automatic web timer to calendar style timesheets.

Modern and intuitive software for project-based businesses that helps your team manage projects through their entire lifecycle. Plan and schedule your projects. Collaborate with your team, share files, track time, and make sure you stay on budget.

Paymo provides a simple, yet intelligent time tracking solution. If you forget to start the timer, the application got it covered by allowing you to manually put in time entries and keep track.

It is a full-featured work management app with time tracking and accounting features to help you manage projects from start to finish.

Key Features

  1. See and manage your time entries on a daily/weekly/monthly/agenda basis. Add bulk time, or import time directly from your bookings
  2. Create time reports based on tracked time and get a detailed look at how you or your team’s time is spent. Choose from flexible grouping, subgrouping in a reporting hierarchy. Project status support and include project IDs & task IDs for more personalization
  3. Generate invoices based on the amount of time spent on tasks or projects, track expenses, or create estimates for clients. Also, you can create invoices from scratch. And use the integrations with payment gateways
  4. Start and stop the web timer to record the time being spent on projects and tasks. All the resulting time entries will be saved with start and end dates for you to monitor performance
  5. This time tracking software comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Which allows users to quickly get a hang of the product
  6. Timesheets generated can be converted into invoices and help in the easy billing of clients. These invoices can also be cloned to avoid the hassle of individual generation again and again
  7. The tool also facilitates expense tracking. You can easily add and track expenses associated with individual projects and tasks and add them to invoices


There are 3 pricing plans you can choose from according to the size of your business and the features you might need:

  1. Free: for single users only. Includes simple to-do lists, Kanban boards, meta Kanban and time tracking. Desktop & Mobile Apps to track time offline, Adobe CC Extension for creatives, and reporting features, 1GB storage, file sharing, community support, and more.
  2. Small Office: at $11.95 per user/month. Includes invoicing, estimates & expenses, advanced task management, project templates, a dashboard to oversee your project and team activity, and 50GB to store your files.
  3. Business: at $18.95 per user/month. Includes resource scheduling, Gantt charts, Portfolio Gantt chart, and online remote assistance to quickly answer your inquiries. Includes unlimited storage so you’ll never worry about where to keep your data.

12. Timing

Supported Platforms: macOS

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If you’re a Mac user looking for a standalone, pay-once time tracking app that works offline, then Timing might be just what you’re looking for. Best automatic time tracking app for Mac users.

The app tracks your software and website usage on a timeline, which can then be automatically grouped and logged as part of an ongoing project.

This makes it easy to discover how long you’ve spent working on various projects. Even when those projects include using multiple websites and apps.

You can create child projects within larger projects. And even can create rules for identifying app and website usage as they pertain to your workday.

Everything about the app is simple and straightforward. There are an optional web app and online sync, but Timing can be a wholly offline experience if you want it to be.

Having a responsive, modern, and clean app that runs natively on macOS is appreciated when so many time tracking apps rely on a one-size-fits-all web app.

Key Features

  1. Visualize meetings and other calendar events right on the timeline. Letting you assign and bill them with just two clicks
  2. The dashboard gives you a great overview of how your time is distributed across your apps and projects
  3. Time tracking widget for the menu bar can always show you how productive you are right in your Mac’s status bar
  4. Calendar integration lets you assign any calendar event in a heartbeat. So you’ll never forget billing that client meeting again
  5. Optionally sync tracking data across all your Macs, so you’ll never forget to log hours spent on the go. And should your Mac ever break, all your data is stored safely in the cloud
  6. Web API lets you connect Timing to your existing billing and project management systems


Timing does away with ongoing subscriptions by instead providing three tiers for three different types of users.

  1. Productivity: costs $3.5 per user per month when billed annually. This is perfect for anyone who wants to know more about where their time goes while they use their computer. Sync runs every 10 minutes.
  2. Professional: at $5.5 per user/month when billed annually. It includes manual tracking for offline tasks, timers, report templates, and richer data export options. Sync runs every 5 minutes.
  3. Expert: costs $8 per user/month when billed annually. It includes API and Zapier integration, a plugin for automatic invoicing. Customizable reports, calendar integration, and priority support. Sync runs every 3 minutes.

13. RescueTime

Supported Platforms: macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Brave

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RescueTime is the best set-and-forget time tracking app. It blocks distracting websites and set goals to improve your productivity through time tracking.

They claim to offer a different type of approach to employee time management. Through the Rescuetime platform, they want to promote trust and encourage the fair use of creative solutions to solve work-related problems.

RescueTime is an automatic time-tracking app with a version for just about every platform you could want. To start using Rescuetime, first install a small monitoring app on your computer.

This software works in the background to observe your computer usage. Which is then sent to Rescuetime’s servers and presented to you in the web-based dashboard.

Key Features

  1. A goal can keep you on track and improve your productivity. Progress appears on a dashboard, in weekly email reports, and goals report
  2. A Show which applications and websites you or your team spend time using. Additional reports show your time based on different categories, how productive you were, and if you met the goals
  3. Activities are grouped into existing categories that highlight productivity scores for thousands of websites and applications. You’ll also receive a weekly email with the summary of your productivity to help you improve your work manner
  4. Add context to your finished activities accomplished each day. Use these to motivate you for future tasks and to have proof of your work
  5. RescueTime lets you set goals for yourself so you can see your progress in a time-bound manner. A goal can be as simple as a commitment to limit social media usage to less than an hour a day
  6. The software features a distraction blocker that will send you alerts when you stray off work accidentally. For instance, non-work sites can be blocked with ease to keep you focused and productive
  7. It’s all too easy to find yourself working outside of your working hours. If you find the lines between your working and non-working hours blurring often, it is time to use a time tracking app such as RescueTime


For RescueTime, 3 pricing plans make the decision process easier:

  1. Lite (Free): track time in websites and applications, desktop, and mobile tracking. You can set goals, weekly email reports, and 3-month data history for a more comprehensive outlook on how you spend your time.
  2. Premium: from $6/month. It includes lite features. Plus get more advanced features such as custom work hours, goal alerts, and the option to block distracting websites. You can also keep a log of your daily accomplishments, detailed reports, and unlimited report history.
  3. Organizations: from $6 per user/month. It includes premium features. Plus team-level productivity trends, reports for key tools, uncover inefficient processes, total employee privacy.

14. TMetric

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and Web

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TMetric is a lightweight time tracking solution best suited for freelancers and small teams. The software allows you to track time, generate invoices, set project budgets, and forecast profits all through one platform.

Through TMetric, you can keep track of every minute of your day. By logging in the working hours, breaks, attendances, and leaves to ensure most employee productivity.

You can also track your project development costs and make sure your project stays under budget through expense tracking.

TMetric is low-cost a time tracking app that lets you track time through a web app, desktop apps, and mobile apps. It includes reports and lightweight invoicing tools, and it supports collaboration.

It’s best suited for freelancers and small businesses that need to track time spent on tasks but don’t have rigorous invoicing needs.

Key Features

  1. Time tracking in one click. Just start the timer when you begin working and the timer will keep track of each minute of being spent on tasks and projects
  2. When you use TMetric to track your time, you can account for every minute of the day by logging not only the time you work but also your breaks
  3. A linear timeline for the day fills in with color as you progress, with break times appearing as white
  4. TMetric allows you to keep your workspaces in check. By seamlessly integrating with your favorite project management applications
  5. Track your employee productivity by accurately breaking down the time they spend on individual apps and run an in-depth analysis to track working habits
  6. The pricing model of TMetric is flexible enough to cater to teams of every size. You can adjust your plans according to your team size needs
  7. Lightweight invoicing tools are included, but only for paying members. You can generate an invoice for a client from your time logs, and you can customize what shows up as line items


TMetric plans include 30 days of a free trial. And no credit card is required. Following are the plans;

  1. Free: This plan is offered for free. The features offered are time tracking, unlimited projects and clients, reporting, and web app integrations.
  2. Professional: This plan is available at $5 per month. You get all features of free plan as well as Billable rates and money tracking. Also budgeting for projects, invoicing, and task management. It provides activity levels for employees.
  3. Business: This plan is offered at $7 per month. Includes site usage reports, screenshot capturing, client logins for access to reports, tracking for paid time-offs, payrolls for employees, and time tracking permissions. Provides time-sync with QuickBooks, Jira, and Redmine.

15. TimeTrack

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Web, Windows

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TimeTrack is a relatively lesser-known time tracking software but is still a powerful one. The software has been recognized by Apple and has more than a hundred thousand users worldwide.

TimeTrack is an efficient time tracker and invoicing. That optimizes your time management and saves your time! Professional time tracking and invoicing with Timetrack is a breeze. Its intuitive user interface simplifies work hours tracking.

A tool with great flexibility and a time tracker that adapts to your way of working.

Key Features

  1. TimeTrack has been constantly evolving for more than 6 years now. Frequent and timely bug fixes and updates are common
  2. TimeTrack allows you to start your timer on one device and continue working on the next one
  3. The app automatically syncs all data in the background without the user having to do a thing
  4. You can start the timer from your Apple smartwatch and move on to your Mac while working
  5. A key feature of Timetrack is the ability to monitor project costs
  6. It is possible to generate invoices quickly and send them to your clients for them to keep track of the costs and release payments promptly. It’s a great way to keep everyone on track


TimeTrack offers plans for personal use, individual contractors, self-employed people, and entrepreneurs:

Premium Packages

  1. Free: Logs 30 entries and has basic time tracking features, and customer support. It comes with advertisements and popups.
  2. Pro: costs $2.99 (one-time fee). This version comes with no limitations, no advertisement, and no popups. Along with all features and priority support.
  3. Cloud: costs $34.99/year or $4.99/month. It comes with a 14-day free trial. It offers real-time synchronization and max. Security with 256bit encryption. Also, synchronize unlimited no. of devices and access to the fast web app. Along with Prio 1 Support.

Enterprise Packages

  1. Standard: $4 per user/month, paid annually. This package offers attendance tracking, project time tracking, and expense tracking. Comes with user rights, mobile apps, and web app.
  2. Premium: $8 per user/month, paid annually. This plan offers everything from standard package and project analysis, planning, and performance. Also, management reports this all comes with 14-days of a free trial.
  3. Gold: $10 per user/month, paid annually. This plan offers everything from a premium package and invoicing. Along with invoice templates, integration with other systems. All future features with a 14-day free trial.
  4. On-premise: $4 per user/month or $300/user for a lifetime license. TimeTrack on your server or a private server, reserved only for your company and custom development to fit 100% to your requirements. It also offers integration with in-house systems, individual SLAs, and Support.

16. TimeCamp

Supported Platforms: Web, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows

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TimeCamp is a time tracker app that lets you boost your productivity by tracking your billable work hours. It is a time tracking and invoicing app with a robust list of integrations.

TimeCamp can be the manager’s dream come true or the employee’s worst nightmare.

This tool is one of the top time tracking tools you can get your hands on. If your organization is particular about attendance, time spent on projects, and other activities throughout the day.

With TimeCamp, you can track employee hours, manage to the bill, and even generate invoices for customers. Plus, you get notifications on various updates including when the client views the invoice sent.

That’s not all. You can keep your project management cycle more efficient, and keep the team productive through reports displaying time spent on projects and tasks.

Key Features

  1. TimeCamp offers one-click or automatic billing for users. It includes a graphical timesheet, subtasks, notes, budgeting, income calculation, and more
  2. You can avail of flexible reporting for the projects. Including project profitability and project history
  3. Track attendance and time off as well. Timecamp also lets you analyze attendance and absence periods. It is also possible to track days off and holiday periods
  4. Calculate income by assigning billing rates to different projects or people
  5. Choose from a series of different templates. According to tasks, users, attendance, day, billable vs non-billable time, etc.
  6. Reports display the top productive apps and sites you’re using, including time spent on documents and overall computer usage. You’ll also be able to approve timesheets, set goals, and receive weekly email summaries
  7. Get a full analysis of when your team started and finished their work. To keep everyone in check and avoid leaving someone behind with their duties. This ensures compliance with the company’s rules and increases accountability


For TimeCamp, there are 4 pricing plans from which you can choose:

  1. Solo: Free plan – single user only, basic time tracking features
  2. Basic: $7 per user/month ($5.25 per user/month – billed annually). There is no user limit and you get time tracking and integrations with your favorite tools, and billable time & budgeting.
  3. Pro: $10 per user/month ($7.50 per user/month – billed annually). Includes all the Basic plan features and invoicing, scheduled reports, timesheet approvals, and more
  4. Enterprise: Custom price. Includes all Pro plan features and dedicated guidance, on-premise dedicated infrastructure, and more.

17. Hubstaff

Supported Platforms: Linux, macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android

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Hubstaff is another familiar name in the time tracking app space. The app is used by many organizations around the world. It monitors your activity by taking random screenshots of your desktop.

Hubstaff started in 2012 as a tool to help manage small remote teams. Today, they are the choice of over 8,000 agencies, freelancers, and virtual teams.

Who use it to help them with their daily tasks. Hubstaff’s main purpose is to focus on customer satisfaction.

Hubstaff is ideal if you’re after on-the-go time tracking. It offers desktop- and web-accessible options. As well as mobile apps that feature GPS tracking, so you know where your employees are working.

You’ll get online timesheets, reporting and analytics, and team scheduling and monitoring.

Key Features

  1. Take up to three screenshots every 10 minutes. They’re taken at random times to get a better idea of how your employees work
  2. See all your team members, when they worked, what they’ve worked on. Their average activity levels and the total time worked in the past week. You’ll immediately notice who is working and who is slacking off
  3. An employee attendance tracker is a way for you to manage the team schedule. Get email alerts to inform you on of any late, missed, or abandoned shifts
  4. When your team is using the mobile time tracking app for logging time. You’ll be able to track their location via GPS. You can also track the time worked at a specific job site. And find out which locations need more attention
  5. The software measures app usage. Activities on URLs, etc. and provides employees and employers with activity percentage data. Which helps find out a professional’s activity levels
  6. If there is one function Hubstaff is most known for, it has to be payroll management. The software can be used to track employee time and automate payroll management. Accurate time cards can be generated for swift payroll processing
  7. It can integrate with 30+ project management tools, including PayPal, Payoneer, and QuickBooks


There are 4 subscription plans to choose from, each adding more features:

  1. Free: The plan is free for 1 user. You’ll get time tracking at work, limited screenshot storage, limited payments, and activity levels to see your progress.
  2. Basic: $5/month allows 1 person (billed monthly). You can get the following features. Time tracking, Screenshots, Keyboard, and mouse activity monitoring. Employee payments, 1 integration with an app of your choice, 24/7 Support for more help whenever you’ll need it. And Per-user settings to customize each person’s account.
  3. Premium: $10 per user/month (billed monthly). You can get the Basic plan’s features and app and URL tracking, automatic payroll, and multiple integrations to meet all your needs. This plan offers attendance scheduling, invoicing, location tracking for better employee monitoring. And Project budgets to keep track of your spending.
  4. Enterprise: $20 per user/month (billed monthly). You can get the Premium features and VIP support. Unlimited job sites, concierge account setup, and higher limits on the public API.

18. Clockify

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux

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Clockify is a free time tracking option for teams. Its timekeeping features include a timer, timesheet logging, and the ability to mark billable hours vs. those that are not.

When it’s time to generate reports, you will get visual breakdowns, sharing features, and the ability to export to PDF, CSV, and XLS (Excel).

Clockify offers a time tracking app that makes time tracking a breeze. You do not need to use different tools for tracking projects and timesheets. With an online timer, you can assess the time taken by activities whereas you also get to enter time manually for tasks.

Plus, you get to categorize how to track time for projects, through projects, tasks, clients, or billable hours. All of these reports can be shared externally through exporting or printing.

The interface is clean with easily readable colored graphs based on the tasks. It is a complete-time tracking software and the best part is it is 100% free.

Key Features

  1. Clockify shows all data insights obtained from your time logs in easy to read visual reports
  2. The billable hours are broken down and the reports can be customized according to your individual preferences
  3. If you have been managing a large team, Clockify helps you specify the individual hourly rates for each team member and see their time usage
  4. You can set up an online timer to track work hours, log the time, and edit time entries in a timesheet. You can also track projects by categorizing time by client, task, project, and billability
  5. Set hourly rates for hours and payroll calculation, group, and filter out time logged. You can also save these reports to share them with clients either through printing or exporting as a timesheet data
  6. This tool can be used as a mobile app both on iOS and Android and as a desktop app for Mac, Windows, and Linux


Clockify is free to use and the software supports an unlimited number of projects and users.

19. Time Doctor

Supported Platforms: macOS, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS

free time tracking software, best time tracking software, employee time tracking software, best online time tracking software, complete time tracking software, hr time tracking software, project time tracking software,time tracking software for freelancers, time tracking software for small business

Time Doctor is an employee time tracking software that helps you and your team get a lot more done each day. It provides detailed analytics of where time is spent in the workday.

You can view applications and websites visited when working and screenshots of the computer screen every few minutes while your employees work.

Time Doctor is straightforward and easy to use – create a project, add a task, then just start doing it. It records time on each task, takes occasional screenshots, records applications, and websites accessed.

This time tracking software also provides a client interface that can be used when billing client projects. It can also be integrated with over 32 apps.

Time Doctor is a SaaS multi-functional time tracking app created by the owners of Staff.com. Around since 2012, it lets you choose from their desktop software, mobile app, or web platform.

The focus of the app is to allow customers to build distributed teams so they can now work out of an office, wherever, and whenever they want to.

Key Features

  1. In case you want to monitor your employees. Screenshots can be used to review work processes, improve productivity, and develop strategies. They will only be taken when team members start work on a task and not during breaks
  2. The payroll setup is customizable to match your currency, financial regulations, company requirements, and more. You can connect the tool to PayPal, Payoneer, TransferWise, or any other method of your choice for more freedom
  3. Receive notifications when you are not working. These help you avoid procrastination
  4. Track time spent on each website, app, or task. The tool records overall Internet usage during work time to ensure that your employees are not slacking off. It creates weekly reports that show the exact websites and applications that were used
  5. To precisely track hours, Time doctor even stops tracking your time when there’s no keyboard or mouse activity for a while
  6. Time doctor is very easy to set up and user-friendly. One can start using it in literally no time. The time to tasks created under projects is recorded once the user starts the timer
  7. The reports are available in the chart as well as tabular format. The reports can be filtered daily, weekly, monthly, or custom date range. There’s a client report view available which can be shared with the clients for transparent invoicing


Time Doctor is available with a single paid plan: at $9.99/user/month.

This plan comes with features like track time, tasks, and projects, screenshots, and mouse/keyboard activity, website, and application tracking.

With payroll and payment integrations, schedules, and attendance reports. Also, the GPS tracking option on mobile apps, integrations with 20+ partners, support from live agents. Managers can approve manual time, offers a white-labeled login interface, and multiple users.

20. Paylocity

  • Download: Android | iOS
  • Price: from $2-$4 per employee/month
paylocity time tracker

Paylocity focuses on providing comprehensive time tracking tools that deliver useful data and information to managers and their staff. This app helps you keep track of when you will get paid, enroll benefits, pay stubs, and request time off.

But that’s not all – its user interface provides simple navigation, making the app super easy to get used to and perform all key processes in a matter of minutes.

Time tracking apps often contain data that is often subject to confidentiality. Because of this, Paylocity shields its users with top-notch security features, such as Biometric functions and SSL encryption.

Moreover, it contains a unique feature that flows first-time users right to the onboarding screen, reduces the amount of work required for HR by allowing the candidate to input all relevant information.

To use the Paylocity app, you need to be prior registered customers having the authorized user credentials, so make sure to sign up for Paylocity before downloading the app.

Key Features

  1. Clock in and out from anywhere in the field or from designated areas with geo-fencing support and historical map views
  2. Conveniently stay current on company news and announcements and access company links and acknowledge documents
  3. Receive push notifications when Time Off requests have been approved or checks are available to view
  4. Create Journal entries and submit expense reports
  5. First-time users access the onboarding screen initially
  6. Submit, view, and approve Time Off requests with real-time push notifications
  7. View and approve Impressions badges for direct reports, along with time cards
  8. Biometric functions (Touch ID and Face ID) are available for secure quick logins
  9. All activities performed will be encrypted and routed safely to secure Paylocity servers


Both iOS and Android apps are free to install, however, in-app purchases start at $2 per employee. If you’re going to use Web Pay tool, it will cost $2 to $4 per employee per month.

To learn about the pricing applicable for your company, contact the Paylocity support team to request a quote.

21. Hours

  • Download: Android | iOS
  • Price: from $7.99 per month
hours time tracker

Sometimes all you need in an app is the essential feature that does the job for you, without having to go through any intricacies. If you’re a freelancer or a small team with less than six people and do not need any advanced features or integration with other apps, then Hours might be the app for you.

It cuts all the clutter that lets you manage your time better without hassle. Hours has a timer page, that at the very top shows a timeline view of your day, with spanner bars for different tasks that are color-coded to their project.

If you want to adjust the time tracked for a task, simply pull or push the ends of the spanners. You can also manually edit the time on the list. This intuitive graphical representation makes it very easy to consume and interpret the data.

Hours works perfectly on iPhone and Apple Watch alike. Its interface is crafted by an Apple Design Award-winning design team called Tapity.

The Mac web app seamlessly synchronizes data across web app, iOS and Apple watches so that you can freely switch between devices and timers.

Hence why Forbes has dubbed it as “the Perfect iPhone Time Tracking App.”

Key Features

  1. Effortlessly create simple timers that track tasks real-time or use our timesheet option for after the fact time entry
  2. Conveniently edit the visual timeline to quickly identify and correct mistakes
  3. Sync your time across multiple devices including Apple Watch and Hours Web
  4. Use Siri to start and stop time tracking
  5. Quickly customize your invoice, add your hours, and even include timer notes
  6. Create Excel export, data backups, and restoration, and choose your company color
  7. Use the visual timeline to swiftly correct entry mistakes
  8. Ability to add bulk timesheets and time-rounding rules


  1. Free – New members get a one-month free trial. If at the end of the trial, you choose not to pay for Hours, you can continue using the iPhone app only, without losing any past data, though you lose web access. However, the free version is way too limited.
  2. Monthly – at $8/month, unlimited timers, sync, automatic backup, and simplified timer creation. Additionally, Hours Pro subscribers also get Hours web access.
  3. Yearly – at $8/month, if you choose annual billing, you will be charged this discounted price each year, on the month and day of your billing cycle.

22. Forest

  • Download: Android | iOS
  • Price: $1.99 in iOS; in-app purchases start from $0.99
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There’s more to time tracking apps than just managing payrolls and work hours. In our daily lives, we spend lots of time using our smartphones.

This habit of constantly checking your phone can become an obsession – and even an addiction. So, to give your phone a rather fair share of daily time and focus on nature and productive stuff, take a deep breath and try visiting Forest (excuse the pun).

The app works when you touch the “plant” button, and you’ll see a countdown timer starts ticking, beneath a cartoon picture of a small seedling.

Then you have to simply ignore your phone to allow the seedling to nurture into a tree. Each completed session will add another plant to create your own virtual “forest.”

Besides tracking your forest’s progress, you can also check the statistics to see if your self-discipline is improving.

By using Forest not only that you do yourself a favor, but also help save the environment. Forest plants real trees across the world. So far, Forest users have contributed to planting more than 700,000 real trees worldwide.

Key Features

  1. The Plant Together feature syncs several Forest accounts and challenges everyone to go phone-free at the same time. Even if one person uses their phone, the challenge fails.
  2. The Tags feature allows you to categorize and search your plants by a label, such as Work, Study, Social, Rest, Entertainment, and more.
  3. Keep track of all your performance awards, such as when you reach four hours of focus time.
  4. View detailed statistics of your time distribution based on your tags and activities.
  5. Browse your weekly, monthly, and even your yearly big forest.
  6. Track your focused time in the Apple HealthKit.
  7. Whitelist certain apps and schedule and take short breaks within your allotted growing time.


Forest is a free time tracking software for Android users. iOS need to purchase it for $1.99. Also, several in-app purchases help you receive in-game coins per virtual tree planted, ranging from $0.99 to $19.99.

23. Timeular

timeular dashboard main

Timeular is the software that runs the Timeular Tracker – a unique octagonal hardware device used for tracking time. This device connects via Bluetooth to your PC or phone.

You can assign tasks or projects to the different sides of the device. Simply place the tracker in a position, such that your current activity’s side facing up and the software will automatically start tracking the time. Once you change tasks, simply flip the device to a different side.

Certain time tracker applications require too much attention to keep in mind that you have a tracker running. You may be required to switch to the application, or open your phone and change it.

With a device placed on your desk, you just have to pick it and change the faces. This way you don’t forget to log changing an activity.

This software-hardware combo is a perfect choice for multi-taskers who wish to track up to 8 activities accurately. Moreover, the software application can also be used as a stand-alone solution with the hardware device.

Key Features

  1. Bring activities and time entries to life by adding notes. For those of us that struggle to remember exactly what that meeting was about.
  2. Integrates with other software, such as JIRA, Outlook, Google Calendar, or Toggl.
  3. Real-time two-way synchronization across platforms to boost your workflow.
  4. Manually edit time entries, add new ones, or delete them.
  5. Intuitive graphs to visualize and analyze time allocation.
  6. Detailed and customizable reports on how you spend your time.
  7. Offline tracking to let you continue time tracking if your internet drops. Sync when back online and resolve entry conflicts.
  8. Through API access, write scripts to connect your time entries with any third-party application


Timeular App is free to use on both Android and iOS.

24. Scoro

  • Download: Android | iOS
  • Price: from $26/user per month
scoro time tracker

Scoro is primarily a project management time tracking software, but it’s time tracking capability, as well as, budget and payroll features, make it one of the best time tracking software out there.

Scoro is highly recommended for use in large and corporate organizations that require powerful, comprehensive solutions. Big companies cannot simply rely on only a handful of features, no matter how intuitive or efficient they may be.

A “do-it-all” solution like Scoro can help companies get the best out of various advanced, complex features.

Scoro has various inter-connected modules that provide solutions, include tracking, labor-cost tracking, calendar oversight vs resource, document management, collaboration, projects, tasks, contact management – just name it and most likely they will have it!

And this is a key reason why Scoro is among the top-rated apps in almost every review you would find on the internet.

With Scoro’s mobile apps, you can manage your time, track your projects, and see your business prosper. To use these apps, you’d need to be a prior Scoro customer.

Key Features

  1. Scoro’s team/project calendar has daily, weekly, and monthly settings that will break down all tasks by an hour and priority
  2. Every Scoro task includes fields that track time spent vs. the proposed time to complete, making the billing process much easier
  3. Create custom fields to manage and track all project resources
  4. Includes a commenting section in each task so team members and project managers can communicate progress throughout the execution
  5. Create and send detailed invoices to your clients based on times tracked in Scoro
  6. Set up and render detailed financial reports in Scoro at any point in the project
  7. The main dashboard includes an entire header of financial widgets that track budgets, expenses, revenue, and individual project incomes
  8. Tasks appear in a simple list view that will help you get things done faster. Completed tasks are compiled into work reports, so you can get a full overview.


  1. Essential – at $26/user per month. Task management, time tracking, phases, milestones, billing, invoicing, customizable dashboards, Google Drive integration, Zapier integration.

Work Hub:

  1. Premium – at $37/user per month. All previous features, billable time, detailed work reports.
  2. Ultimate – $49/user per month. All previous features plus client profiles.

Sales Hub:

  1. Premium – at $37/user per month. All features of Work Hub Premium plus more sales-oriented goals, dashboards, and performance metrics.
  2. Ultimate – at $49/user per month. All features of Work Hub Ultimate plus more sales-oriented goals, dashboards, reporting, and performance metrics.

Business Hub:

  1. Premium – at $61/user per month. All features of Work Hub Premium plus additional insights and reporting on team time, work, sales, and finances.
  2. Ultimate – at $73/user per month. The top-of-the-line package from Scoro that offers all previous functionality, limitless customization, work automation, and additional integrations.

25. ClockShark

clockshark time tracker

ClockShark is a cloud-based employee time tracking system. This application helps businesses from various industries, particularly the construction and field service to manage their traveling and field workforces.

CloudShark offers time and attendance tracking, employee scheduling, emailed alerts, kiosk time clock, and more. Their mobile apps works keep track of their schedules, clock in and out, and attach photos and files for specific jobs directly to timesheets.

Managers can also monitor their employees’ locations and get real-time status updates of a particular job. Furthermore, ClockShark features job costing functionalities and also helps users to maintain and manage audit logs and timesheet edits.

Their most unique feature is the GPS time tracking with custom geofencing, which gives workers an easier and more accurate way to clock their time.

Key Features

  1. Create PTO plans in as less as 90 seconds.
  2. Request time off from your phone and automatically accrue earned hours.
  3. The app integrates well with QuickBooks and other popular payroll and accounting software, including Quick Books, ADP, Zapier, Xero, and Sage.
  4. Get a summary and detail reporting within a click. Export files and connect to your payroll and accounting systems.
  5. Customize geofence to a job site, see who’s working now & replay routes. Best suited for dispatch.
  6. Drag and drop by job or employee directly into the calendar.
  7. Data is always in sync so you can clock in and out from desktop, mobile phone or kiosk, and pick jobs and tasks on the go.


  1. Free Trial: ClickTime offers a free trial for up to 14 days
  2. Basic – at $3/month per user + $15/month base fee. Time and attendance tracking, basic GPS tracking, job, and task tracking
  3. Standard – at $6/month per user + $25/month base fee. All features of Basic, plus drag and drop scheduling, advanced GPS tracking, integrations, and more.
  4. Pro – at $8/month per user + $45/month base fee. All features of Standard, plus PTO policies and requests, multi-department/office controls

26. ClickTime

  • Download: Android | iOS
  • Price: from $9/user per month
clicktime time tracking app

Clicktime is another time tracking software in our list that increases resource and project visibility and helps you stay on budget. This application helps businesses track both billable time alongside employee time usage. You get complete control over your project budgets and receive accurate timesheets.

Moreover, the application helps you to track various statistics in its timesheets module, such as employee time, administration expenses, overtime per employee/project, time-offs of your employees.

It also allows you to manage project budgets, employee hours, and employee performance. You can also check your progress against your goals for each project and manage your project cost.

Besides native apps for Android and iOS, ClickTime has a web app and a Chrome extension that help you start/stop tracking your time directly from the browser without getting distracted.

Key Features

  1. Provides enterprise-grade time tracking along with expense reporting
  2. Create 80+ different types of visual reports (as graphs and charts) depending on your requirements, such as project budgeting and expense reports, employee timesheet, resources management, billable hours, and several other custom reports.
  3. Daily email notification of work summary and notifications if an employee hasn’t completed a workday.
  4. Integrates with various tools such as accounting, payroll management, CRM, project management, cloud storage, Google apps, and several others.
  5. Project Insights feature lets you forecast the time needed for tasks
  6. Integrates with the accounting, CRM, and payroll software you already use
  7. Quick Week feature saves you from having to manually copy entries from the previous week


  1. Starter – at $9/user per month, the plan includes easy time tracking, 70+ reports, email reminders.
  2. Team – at $12/user per month, the plan includes approval workflows, advanced billing rates, and time-off
  3. Premier – at $24/user per month, the plan includes project budgeting, resource planning, and utilization goals.
  4. Enterprise – available on a quote, the plan includes single sign-on, named account manager, and custom integrations.

27. Dashable

  • Download: iOS | Android app not available
  • Price: from $19 per month
dashable time tracker

Dashable is self-described as the best time tracking software for digital agencies that are in the creative industry. Freelancers, writers, artists, and designers also find it beneficial for managing and billing clients, tracking their productivity.

This online time tracking tool was created in 2012 by the software development agency, Koombea.com. Because Koombea itself is an agency, they saw the need for an agency-driven software.

Dashable provides all the necessary tools to give your clients a full portal with complete invoices, billable hours, check-in reporting capabilities, and fast, online payments, etc.

It is designed to be conversation-friendly like Twitter. You can mention and “@” link specific projects in a status update. These updates appear on your client’s and employees’ newsfeeds making time tracking and project tracking transparent and easy to invoice.

This conversational feature makes Dashable one of the best time tracking software for consultants, as they have to spend a lot of time in communicating as well.

Key Features

  1. Convert your team’s work from inside your project management tools into billable hours, and generate instant invoices for your clients
  2. Option to bill on a per-project, rather than a per-client basis
  3. Track your team’s workload right in your dashboard.
  4. Scope billable vs non-billable hours per project and understand who your most profitable clients are and where you need to improve
  5. Integrates with several popular apps such as GitHub, Trello, and Basecamp. For billing, you can attach a PayPal or your bank account directly
  6. You can also mark hours and check-ins as billable or non-billable so they can be quickly added to an invoice later
  7. Create sales reports on a month to month basis, or, against the same period last year


  1. Freelancer – at $19/month, 1 integration, email support
  2. Studio – at $79/month (up to 6 users), unlimited integrations, check-in approvals, daily recap
  3. Agency – at $199/month (up to 15 users), unlimited integrations, check-in approvals, daily recap
  4. Enterprise – at $499/month (up to 100 users), custom integrations, data migration, concierge setup

28. TrackingTime

  • Download: Android | iOS
  • Price: from $4.99/user per month
trackingtime hour tracking system

This entry in our list is known to have a lightweight, intuitive interface, yet possessing all the good things you need in your time tracker app.

This makes TrackingTime a great option for very small teams that only need essential time tracking capabilities at a low-price range. Having said that, TimeTracking is useful for slightly larger teams as well as owing to its Business package.

You can view multiple reports on the dashboard to get a good sense of your current state of operations. Also, you can see the hours worked in total, broken down by employee, on each active project and task. That makes it easy to reallocate resources to meet your deadlines on time.

The data gets synced across desktop and phone apps to match on iOS and Android, enabling employees to easily clock in and out from any platform of their choice. Managers can stay updated on goings-on even if they’re out of office.

Not only TrackingTime is cheaper than its competitor, but it also serves as a free time tracking software for freelancers, since the first 3 users are free.

Key Features

  1. Set due dates to organize and prioritize your projects and tasks and automatically sync them with your employees’ calendar.
  2. With the Chrome Button, you can even track your tasks directly in Asana, Trello, Jira, and more than 30 other online services.
  3. Combine filters to categorize your time data and create reports tailored to your needs.
  4. Visualize your time data in intuitive graphic charts
  5. Your team will receive your email invitation to start using TrackingTime for every work process you request.
  6. Save all your settings into report templates for future reference.
  7. The Pace Board feature gives you a daily overview of both scheduled and tracked hours by every team member at a glance.


  1. Basic – at $0/month up to 3 users, time tracker, access to desktop and mobile apps, integrations, 3 active projects, and 100 tasks
  2. Pro – at $4.99/month per user, pacing, time audits, custom reports, timesheets exported to PDF, unlimited projects and tasks
  3. Business – at $9.99/month per user, access control, team management, and additional security and support

29. Apploye

  • Download: Android | iOS
  • Price: from $4 per member/month
apploye main dashboard

Apploye is a new entrant in the time tracker market. They announced their arrival in 2018, since then they have become one of the best time tracking software available.

It helps you monitor your employees so you can measure their level of productivity daily and weekly timesheets, reports, and random auto-screenshots. However, one cool thing about the screenshots is that employees are notified about screenshot when it is taken.

Plus, you can calculate billable and non-billable hours via online timesheet. You can also track your remote employees through GPS location tracking. This is why Apploye is often recommended as the best employee time tracking software for companies hiring remote staff.

Key Features

  1. Calculate your taxes using the in-app tax calculator
  2. Use PayPal, TransferWise, Payoneer, or Bitwage, or a manual payroll system to pay your employees.
  3. One of its unique features is that it notifies the user when the automatic screenshot is taken.
  4. Set daily, weekly, or monthly budget limits to avoid surpassing a fixed budget.
  5. Keeps track of remote employees via Field Service GPS location tracker
  6. Learn when and where your employees hopping around. Record their attendance, route, and position history.
  7. More than a hundred integrations. You can start tracking in Trello card and switch to some other tools.


  1. TimeTrack – at $4.00/user per month, best for in house teams
  2. FieldTrack – at $5.00/user per month, best for mobile teams
  3. RemoteTrack – at $6.00/user per month, best for remote teams
  4. Enterprise – Available on a quote. All features, implementation, custom pricing, and priority support. Ideal for large businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

🌟 How Can I Track My Billable Hours?

Billable hours are the amount of time spent working on business projects that can be charged to a client according to an agreed upon hourly rate. To charge by the billable hours, workers need to track the amount of time they spend on each client’s projects every day.

  1. Set your hourly rate – To determine this, simply divide your annual earnings by the number of working hours in a year, which is typically 2,080 hours for a full-time job.
  2. Determine an invoicing schedule – Schedule your invoices based on your employer’s billing cycle – most businesses have a monthly billing cycle.
  3. Create a time log – You can use an excel sheet to log hours manually or use your time tracker solution to log hours automatically.
  4. Track your hours by project – This way you’ll know what client you’ll invoice for the work you’re completing.
  5. Calculate your total hours – It’s time to review your time log and calculate your total billable hours for the project
  6. Create a detailed invoice – Based on your total hours for the billing cycle, create an invoice to send to your client

🌟 How Do You Keep Track of Time Worked?

Generally speaking, the most common way you keep track of your work hours is when your employees clock in and out. Old-school time trackers would report everything in between.

But most advanced time tracking tools monitor employee performance and can tell if your hours were spent in productivity or not. Ultimately, you get an accurate report of hours worked.

While calculating logged hours, make sure all numbers add up and your data is accurate. Otherwise, you will get lost in a myriad of figures, tasks, and undocumented connections between your tasks and projects.

🌟 How Does Time Tracking Software Work?

A time tracker application is similar to an attendance monitoring system that records your time (clock-in and clock-out), break time, overtime, early leaves, time off, etc. that your payroll requires.

Mostly, a time tracking software has a desktop app, mobile, and/or web-based version. Your work time is then uploaded automatically to the server.

A time tracking software is mostly used in a remote work setup where your teams are geographically dispersed. But this can also be used in a typical type of business where you need to work on a computer.

An automatic time tracker can do everything for your effective time management needs. Time trackers can be used for both personal and professional uses. They are also used in project management, where users can add projects and tasks in the app and then switch between them.

Time tracking software can help identify how much time each project/task took, and then create advanced reports providing insights that help improve productivity.


By now, you’ve probably chosen 2 or 3 apps to look at. The right tool is one that meets your business requirements, delivers what you need to get work done, and is easy-to-use for your entire team.

But your personal experience with the app might be the decisive factor when choosing the right time tracking software. Thus, with all this information at hand, you just need to start a free trial and “play” with the apps. Test them thoroughly and invite your team to do the same.

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