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😊 Key Takeaways:

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • All plans available for free till July 1 due to current situation
  • Runs applications on isolated environments
  • E2E encryption for added security
  • Dedicated server setup for enterprises

😷 Some Let-Downs:

  • No Android or iOS apps available
  • No clients for Linux or PC/Mac
  • Customer support via telephone not available
  • Lifetime license not available

In this Runn resource management software review, we will discuss its pricing, in-depth features, functionalities, design, security, and other powerful features of the application. We will also take a look at its strong points and shed light on some of its weaker spots.

Looking for a complete resource management solution to strategize your organization’s staff, team, and resources? Well, Runn is the answer!

It is a cloud-based project and resource management software offering various powerful tools to forecast, plan, manage, and track project resources. Let’s get started.

What is Runn?

Founded in the year 2018, Runn is a modern project planning software that allows remote teams to manage capacity and resources conveniently.

This platform was built by a team of entrepreneurs in Wellington (New Zealand) to replace lengthy resource planning meetings and clunky spreadsheets.

Runn is built with an easy-to-use interface which makes it easier for non-technical teams to work on a shared view for an organization’s projects.

There are lots to discuss what makes Runn a powerful resource planning software in our Runn review. Our favorite?

Its drag-n-drop feature since it allows users to schedule work quickly. Besides, teams can collaborate in real-time while seeing constant updates alongside.

Runn combines demand, capacity, and resource planning capabilities to deliver meaningful insights for project teams. It is used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  1. Resource and capacity planning,
  2. Staff scheduling,
  3. Financial forecasting,
  4. Workload management,
  5. Project planning & accounting,
  6. Timesheets,
  7. Time tracking, and
  8. Business intelligence reporting

Runn Review (2020) – Resource & Capacity Planning Software

Runn review, Runn planner main interface

1. Pricing

While many companies are showing support by offering SaaS discounts during COVID-19, Runn is supporting businesses by giving all its plans 100% free till July 1, 2020.

During the pandemic, teams can use Runn’s platform free of cost, get assimilated with the platform, and they don’t have to worry about paying anything out of their pocket.

Runn is quite agile with its releases and new announcements. It seems they are prioritizing feature rollout that can help businesses better cope with the remote working conditions.

  • 5 people
  • Unlimited projects

Impact analysis, budget tracking, financial forecasting, staff scheduling, capacity planning, timesheeting, actuals tracking, and more

Pro$10 per user/month
  • Unlimited people
  • All Startup plan features
Enterprise$30 per user/month
  • All Pro plan features
  • Concierge onboarding
  • Dedicated account management
  • Support for custom integrations

2. Features and Functionality

Runn is best suited for operations leads, project managers, and resourcing managers who are responsible for project delivery. Since it works best for teams that work in a project-oriented environment, it is best suited for teams that are:

  1. Accounting firms,
  2. Software houses,
  3. Digital agencies, and
  4. Professional service providers

Owing to its modern interface, Runn allows managers to generate easy-to-understand KPIs as well as financial forecasts across the application.

Therefore, you can always keep tabs on your company’s active clients, project performances, profits, cost overruns, and even actual/planned variance.

This is exactly why many globally recognized brands including Silverstripe, PwC NZ, and Deloitte NZ use Runn’s resource and capacity planning platform.

2.1. Roles

Runn review, Runn planner main interface

With the Runn platform, you can get three levels of account access: editor, admin, and viewer. Each account includes different degrees of rights. For instance, admins can restrict who can view or edit the financial data of projects.

When working in a team, Runn review shows, it becomes important to make sure the costs and profits of projects are not shared with more people. So in such cases, the admin holds the right to restrict access of members to financial data.

Managing Roles

When adding a new role to your team, you need to assign the task name. For instance, the role is for a project quality assurance specialist, and Casey is assigned the role.

The role’s default charge-out rate is around $200 which implies that if Casey does quality assurance for 3 hours a week, she will receive $600.

This cost will not only be brought to your dashboard but also added to the financial reports. Similarly, you can create and assign multiple roles.

Internal Roles and Costs

With the “Roles” tab, you can enter the default cost of an hourly default internal role cost for that role. This cost is used to set up contracts for your employees, and can later be shown to clients as well as obtain financial forecasts on the planner.

Specifically, this information makes it easier to calculate the entire project people costs.

Standard Charge out Rates

Runn allows you to input a standard role charge out rate. The Runn review shows that this is a default cost set according to your standard rate cards. However, these are editable and so you can change costs at a later stage as well.

2.2. Rates & Rate Cards

Runn review, Runn planner main interface

Rate cards are cards that list your roles and respective charge out rates. These cards allow you to set rates for the services you provide. With rate cards, you can define different charge-out rates for different roles and offer different pricing to different groups of clients.

Rate Cards

An interesting fact about Runn rate cards is that you can re-use them on multiple projects.  Besides, Runn comes with a standard rate card by default so you can use this for new projects.

Therefore, for instance, you defined roles of front-end development and quality assurance with a standard charge out, for a certain project. You can save this same card and you can use it for future projects as well.

Internal Rate Cards

Runn allows you to operate on two types of projects: external and internal. While external projects are the ones for your clients – that bring you revenue – internal projects are the projects that require internal labor but do not generate any income.

From sales proposals to the company’s internal costing, all comes under internal projects. To track these projects and any associated labor costs, Runn has an internal rate card.

Our Runn resource management software review shows that the default charge out rates on this card is $0 by default and cannot be changed.

Moreover, internal rate cards cannot be deleted so if you do not wish to use internal rate cards for any project, you can always set up custom rate cards.

Custom Rate Cards

In addition to the option of setting up standard rate cards, Runn review shows that you can also set-up multiple custom rate cards. The benefit of these cards is that you can modify your billing and set custom prices for specific projects or clients.

For instance, you may want to offer a discount to a certain client, or bring a special price for the holiday season, etc. These rate cards are based on roles that you have set up for the team.

Assigning Rate Cards to Projects

With Runn, you can select rate cards when setting up a new project. The standard rate card is selected by default but you can choose a different card from the drop-down option.

For any project that you create for internal clients, the internal rate card is selected by default but you can change that by selecting a different card also.

2.3. People and Contracts

Runn review, Runn people planner

Runn makes it easier to create employment contracts since Runn sets a person’s start to end date of work along with the hours served each day, as well as the hourly cost rate and the roles.

Managing Teams

With teams working remotely, it’s important to bring departments together to work on a project. For instance, sales and delivery teams need to be on the same page.

For this purpose, Runn enables you to make a pipeline of work that is visible to both departments so that you can work on a plan alongside keeping teams updated on one page.


Runn planner timesheets

Now that you have work scheduled for each of your team members, it is almost certain that the actual works hours will vary from the planned work hours. To cope with this, Runn offers timesheets that offer a side-by-side comparison of each resource’s planned vs. actual hours.

Timesheets are created each week, and the actual work hours are then updated in the project planner to give an accurate planned vs. accurate representation.

You can also see non-billable hours – planned vs. actual – to stay on top of non-billable work and the amount of time spent by each resource completing those tasks.

Overall, managing timesheets in Runn is pretty simple and easy to understand.

Time Offs

Another interesting feature – shared in our Runn review – is that on the Runn app is time off. This feature covers any time that an employee or the contractor is not working; either due to vacation days, or sick leave, or any other out of office time.

During the time off, the employee’s available are set to zero and the person is shown as unavailable on the people and project planner.

However, you can still assign projects to employees during their time off. But their assigned hours will not be counted towards the project.

This feature can also be corrected by changing the employees’ time off or re-scheduling their project assignment. You can also adjust this by adding additional people to the project for that time

Employment Contracts

You can create employment contracts for both full-time and part-time employees. These contracts are considered active if the current day’s date is within the start and end date of the contract.

If a person doesn’t have an active contract, they are shown as “out of contract” on the Project and People Planner.

Work Week Configurations

Runn app allows you to customize your working day configurations. By default, the projects are set to work from Mon-Thurs but you can also create time off entries to block out the days on which a person is not working.

2.4. Project Planning

Runn review - project planning

The resource and capacity planning feature discussed in our Runn resource management software review allows managers to view all projects as well as task allocation for each team member – all in one place.

This allows you to spot overbooking at points and thus avoid resource conflicts. Moreover, the planning feature offers charts and reports that are updated in real-time so managers can plan out their work beforehand.

Managing Projects

Project control and accounting become simpler with Runn since you can control the budget baseline, rates, costs, schedule, and the entire lifecycle of your project from a singular view.

Moreover, the project performance feature allows you to check through reports which showcase a summary of the entire project within a glance.

Real-time Planning

With the real-time planning feature, any changes in your project are updated for all team members immediately.

This implies that if a manager creates/changes a module or assignment on the planner, other members can immediately see the change without having to refresh the browser.

This feature helps in seamless collaboration with teams and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Project Insights

With the project insights feature, you can provide KPI for each project (such as budget, billing, project people costs, and margins, etc.). As discussed in our Runn review, every segment is calculated separately to bring useful project insights for you.

For instance, project billings indicate the overall project value and project people costs show the labor expenses expected to occur during the project.

Project Budgeting

Runn also allows you to generate easy-to-understand financial forecasts. These reports include revenue, profitability, and cost details so that you can see beforehand what your business’s future financial situation will be.

Financial forecasts allow managers to make appropriate decisions and thus saving bankruptcy in extreme cases.

Tentative Projects

When you add a new project on the Runn app you can categorize it either as a confirmed or tentative project. This feature allows you to see how the potential work will impact your existing workload.

You can click on the “show tentative projects” button from the top of the Project Planner to view these projects. They appear in light blue for easy identification.

This allows you to recalculate the team’s workload on the project metrics so you can figure out how the new work will fit in best.

Another important aspect is that assignments for tentative projects help you see how a new project can impact the employees’ capacity.

This is great for checking whether or to what extent a tentative project can fit with your people’s workload along with the confirmed projects.

Project Scheduling

Runn makes it easier for team leads to assign projects to the right people and schedule placeholders for resourcing as well. With the scheduling feature, you can:

  • Select people for project one-by-one or select in bulk via the “multi-select” option.
  • Create 1-day, 1-week, or more (depending on the time required) recurring assignment.
  • Transfer assignments to placeholders or alternate resources easily.
  • Keep check of timeline and budget left while allocating resources on a project.
  • Schedule assignment projects via intuitive drag-n-drop and calendar tool functionality

2.5. Reporting and Visualization

Runn review - project reporting

The workload charts feature allows teams to view a role’s capacity along with the upcoming load. You can use this feature by simply clicking on Analysis > Workloads and then selecting a role from the dropdown menu options.

With the option to overview the company’s total workload, capacity, and timing; managers can check how much resource is available at a given time.

This allows you to drill into utilization rates and analyze how teams can be divided based on billable as well as non-billable work.

Variance Reports

With Runn, managers can take several data-driven decisions on every level. Be it client, company, or the project, Runn offers detailed reporting along with analytics features within the app.

This can allow company owners to make accurate and efficient decisions on time.

An interesting part of Runn is the KPIs and charts. With specified key performance indicators, this software enables you to keep tabs on not just the project performance but also project profitability.

Furthermore, relevant charts make it simpler to keep check of cost overruns.

You can also generate reports using People Explorer or Runn’s project to extract details for the management team or main stakeholders of the business. The reporting can also be customized by applying filters on data and selecting different performance metrics.

2.6. Clients and Insights

Runn review - clients and insights

In our Runn resource management software review, we have discussed earlier that for any project’s planning it is important to discuss the clients.

With the Runn app, you get to add, edit, view, or remove clients easily.  You can add a client into projects by any of the following ways:

  1. Select Client > New Client from the navigation bar,
  2. Add a new client via the New Client button, or
  3. Click on the global Create > Create Client button from the project planner view

The details of clients also include a forecast of key financial project metrics for over the next 4 weeks and also a list of any active or archived projects for the particular client.

Runn does not recommend you to delete any client once you have projects planned out for them.

However, if you still choose to delete them, know that deleting a client is permanent and will also remove all the associated projects both active and archived. So there is no undo option available once the action is done.

2.7. Assignments

With the repeating assignments feature, managers can repeat a task every week, or 2 weeks (or even more) depending upon the length of project milestones. This allows the team’s leads to schedule recurring tasks easily to support ongoing client engagement.

Managing Assignments

With the Runn application, it is very easy to create assignments and plan out work. After adding a person to the project planner, you can simply click into the timeline to choose the start date of your project.

Afterward, you can drag your moves across the planet to create an assignment for that person.

The “quick editor” allows you to create or edit an assignment right on the planner. So you can review and change assignments details including the hours per day, or the overall duration of the assignment.

By default, the working days of the assignment are set to 4 days, running Monday to Thursday. However, you can use the up and down arrow keys to modify it.

Non-Billable Assignments

Non-billable assignments refer to the work that you do not charge for. These can include:

  1. Internal projects for running marketing activities,
  2. Project work that was agreed as non-billable,
  3. Support and troubleshooting for project clients, or
  4. Project changes that you didn’t budget for but committed to completing

With Runn, an assignment can either be billable or non-billable.

To create a non-billable assignment, you can click on the “non-billable” button on the “quick editor”. These assignments have a grey color so you can easily identify them on the Project Planner.

The non-billable assignments are not counted towards your client and project billings for these are counted towards your internal costs and workload.

Assignment Splitting

You can also split an assignment into two using the Runn application. For doing so, you have to enable the “split mode” by right-clicking on the assignment and selecting “split”.

While on the split mode, your mouse pointer changes to a scissor and shows you the points on an assignment where you can cut it. To split the assignment, simply click on the desired cutting point.


Assignments can also be transferred to another person on your team. To transfer an assignment, simply right click on the assignment and select the option to “transfer”.

The transferred assignments are automatically merged into the new person’s existing assignments.

3. User Experience – 4.0 out of 5.0

Runn review, Runn planner main interface

For this Runn review, we explored the entire application and found that it offers a seamless experience to users through a very simple and easy to follow navigation.

The screen offers seven main options; projects, people, clients, teams, roles, rate cards, and reports. Overall the entire project planning work is summarized neatly in a few pages.


Runn’s UI is quite simple and easy-to-use. You cannot only add custom logos but also plan entire projects very quickly.

The projects are distinguished by different colors which make it easier to categorize them. The buttons are distinct and clearly visible, making everything seem neatly placed on the screen.

For each project, you can also generate reports alongside which makes it simpler to use for everyone.

The project planner is designed with a light background which makes foreground work easily visible. Furthermore, a help chat button appears on every page which makes it easier to ask for queries right on the screen.

Mobile Apps

Unfortunately, Runn resource management software review shows that the Runn software does not have any mobile applications that are supported for either iOS or Android. Currently, there is no phone support in the form of a custom application interface suited to mobile use.


Runn review, Runn planner main interface

At present, Runn integrates with the Harvest time tracking software, allowing users to import and sync their projects with the team as well as their clients.

The Harvest integration allows users to automatically import new clients, people, and projects as well. However, you can manually import data too. With the Harvest integration once set up, you can sync all your data in real-time.

In order to integrate Runn with your Harvest account, you have to create a new personal token and account ID.

When a project starts, you can access Runn’s integrations page and select Harvest from the list that appears. Upon clicking, a new tab opens with the option to input your token and account ID. Once done, press Save and run the project. Simple.

Runn also offers an open API that allows you to build your custom integrations and pass data through it using your preferred tools. Further information on Runn’s REST API can be found by clicking here.

4. Security – 4.3 out of 5.0

Runn proved to be big on security in our Runn review. Starting off, the application is available via the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification.

It also hosts your private and confidential user data at secure data centers accredited by:

  1. ISO 27001,
  2. SOC 1 and SOC 2/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402,
  3. PCI Level 1,
  4. FISMA Moderate, and
  5. Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)

While there are various accreditations in place, Runn does need to work on introducing some commonly used security features, such as:

  • Local backups and on-premises installation
  • 2-factor authentication – Email, SMS, QR code authentication
  • SAML-SSO for Enterprise teams

The Runn review shows that this application runs on isolated environments to ensure no unauthorized access to your data is possible. Furthermore, Runn allows users to delete account data immediately upon request.

Runn ensures all passwords are stored encrypted and hashed, meaning that, even if compromised a hacker wouldn’t be able to obtain your password. The application and database are also run in isolated environments ensuring no third-party applications can access user data.

Their team also told us that their hosting platform regularly undertakes third-party penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.

Regarding data retention and GDPR best practices, Runn reported that user data kept on by Runn can be deleted immediately on request or automatically 90 days after an account becomes inactive. This includes personal information, including usernames, passwords, and emails.

Data is always end-to-end encrypted between our users and our servers.

  • On-premise installation: Presently not available
  • Dedicated servers/isolated environments: Available with the Enterprise plan
  • Data export & deletion: Available in-app

5. Customer Support – 4.3 out of 5.0

  • Help desk and product documentation: Click here
  • Customer support chat: Available in-app
  • Customer Support Email: [email protected]
  • API Documentation: Click here
  • Social Media Support:
    1. Twitter: @runwithRunn
    2. LinkedIn: Runn
  • Customer support number: Presently not available
  • Webinars and product demos: Presently not available