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13 Awesome Trello Alternatives to Manage Projects Smarter in 2021 🐺

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Are you one of the many people who use Trello to visualize tasks and progress on Kanban boards? Trello is great – but is it the best project management tool we have available? Depends. In this roundup, we’ll take a look at some powerful Trello alternatives that are available.

Trello is a well-known web-based Kanban-style list-making application, which later on became a subsidiary of Atlassian. It has over 50 million registered users and over 1 million active Trello teams. It is great for freelancers, and managing assignments.

Unfortunately, since COVID-19 has hit worldwide, remote teams are struggling for productive software that enables them to produce work efficiently and effectively.

Even though Trello was founded in 2011 and taken over by Atlassian, people feel there are apps similar to Trello, Trello competitors, which do a better job.

😞 Features Missing in Trello

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Unfortunately, Trello doesn’t have all the features a person may need to manage work, clients, projects, deadlines, and more. Some Trello software competitors give users much more. Below are some features that you might not find in Trello.

  • Trello is only appropriate for general project management and cannot act as a complete project management tool on its own
  • There is no option to export your data to an XLS file
  • Trello does not offer workload management and resource planning features
  • It does not allow project managers to keep track of project budgets and associated costs
  • Trello also doesn’t track time worked by project team members, nor does it offer timesheets for expense tracking
  • Users cannot apply or track task dependencies between other tasks, which might be vital for your project to follow critical paths
  • When it comes to team communication, Trello only lets users post comments inside cards for collaboration

The Best Trello Alternatives for Project Management in 2021


Download: AndroidiOS

Find out our top picks for the best alternatives. is one of the best Trello alternatives, for all size teams (big or small), cross-functional, for different types of industries all over the world. The reason it is great for all sorts of projects and businesses is that it has customizable facilities and an intuitive interface.

As a formidable project management software,, aids teams to plan and complete projects that deliver the needed results on time. It can be used anymore, from the office, home, or even on the go. It has extreme flexibility, fast connectivity with the team, and customizable workflows.

Known for its powerful productivity features, has over 100,000 companies using it all over the world. To increase team productivity and develop faster results, the top features it has are; time tracking, automated notifications, dependencies, timeline views, integrations, and code-free processes.

Key Features

  • It creates and assigns tasks for single users by providing details and due dates.
  • Deadlines and milestones can be set for tasks, which can be done manually or automatically that depends on the type of project templates.
  • Tasks can be set by priority levels allowing users to organize their work.
  • Users are each given a list of tasks that have to be completed, which they can be view without having to look at and be distracted by other lists.
  • It provides users with marketing project templates that have editorial calendars, marketing project plans, creative requests, campaign management, event calendar, and much more.
  • It helps users track costs for marketing campaigns and allocate expenses to budgets.


  • Pricing starts at; $39 per month/5 for users, $79 per month/10 users, $119 per month/15 users.
  • They do not have a free version and they offer a free trial.
  • Summary of features that vary and increase per price plan are; deployment, installed – Mac, Windows, web-based, Cloud, SaaS, use on iPhone / iPad, Android. Training in person, live online webinars, documentation, and support 24/7 (Live Rep) online.

2. Jira

Download: AndroidiOS

Find out our top picks for the best Jira alternatives.

Jira is a software similar to Trello. It is a software development tool that is used by agile teams. It supports any agile methodology such as scrum, kanban, and much more. Using agile boards and even reports, Jira makes it easy for users to manage their projects.

Jira’s users can plan, track, and manage their agile software development projects from one tool alone. This helps teams issue even better quality software much faster. The best part is that the team workflows can be customized to match specified team needs.

This application development tool is great for those teams that plan and build products. It works well with both agile methodology and hybrid models successfully. It has a user-friendly mobile interface, which is great for those who are on the go but need to be connected with the team.

Key Features

  • In one glance it manages to track versions, features, and project progress.
  • User stories and bugs can easily be re-prioritized.
  • It also allows users to estimate stories, adjust sprint scope, and check velocity.
  • Time estimation, tracking, and reporting on story points are accurate.
  • Agile metrics are reported to provide real-time, actionable data on team efficiency that is accessible.
  • The development team can integrate with all the tools they are already using.
  • Security and at the same time flexibility is given to decide which team will be granted access to confidential information.



  • Cloud is free of cost and it has a maximum of 10 users. The features it has are; scrum boards, Kanban boards, backlog, agile reports, custom workflows, roadmaps, apps and integrations, 2GB storage capacity, community support.
  • Standard has a cost of $7 per month/user and has a maximum of 5,000 users. The features it has are the same as Cloud, with the addition of; advanced permissions, customizable workflows, anonymous access, audit logs, 250 GB file storage, 9-5 standard support.
  • Premium has a cost of $14 per month/user and has a maximum of 5,000 users. The features it has are the same as Cloud Standard, with the addition of; 99% uptime SLA, unlimited file storage, 24/7 premium support.


  • The server is a one-time payment of $10 and it has a maximum of 10 users. The features it has are; complete control of your environment, a single server deployment, a perpetual license + a free year of maintenance.
  • Data Center is at a starting price of $20,400/year, and it has a maximum of 500 users. It has the same features as the Server plan, with the addition of; active-active clustering for high availability, annual term license + maintenance, optimized for AWS or Azure deployment, SAML 2.0 support, Atlassian-supported disaster recovery, project archiving for improved performance.

3. Asana

Download: AndroidiOS

Find out our top picks for the best Asana alternatives.

Asana is one of the best Trello alternatives, hands down. It is project management software similar to Trello and manages team projects, processes, tasks, productivity with ease. It also helps users deliver their work faster.

Unlike other Trello competitors, Asana does not let users waste their precious time in between meetings, email, chat, and spreadsheets to organize and manage the whole teams’ work. This software similar to Trello organizes everything from the organization’s goals to the tasks to maintain clarity in the chain of command.

As a web and mobile project management app, it goes beyond the typical project management software. It allows teams to keep a detailed track of what they are working on. Asana also lets the whole team know who is doing what and when will they be able to complete the task for the project.

Key Features

  • Has boards that let the user easily visualize their work and attempt to work through multiple stages quickly, and seamlessly.
  • Timelines can be created to show a plan that allows the user to visualize how the pieces of the project will fall in place.
  • It has over 100 integrations to choose from, allowing the user to see everything from one place.
  • Timeliness can be accomplished by the user viewing their work on a calendar and making the necessary adjustments.
  • Work results can be shared with the whole team, allowing them to pay attention to the problematic areas.
  • Fields can be customized to track information that is important to the team’s functionality.
  • Common processes can be turned into templates for the whole team to use.


  • Pricing starts at $10.99 per month/user.
  • There is a free version.
  • Asana offers a free trial.
  • A small team discount available. Features include; Free Demo, Deployment, Installed – Mac and Windows iPhone / iPad, Android; Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS. Training in-person, live online webinars, documentation, and support business hours online.

4. Basecamp

Download: AndroidiOS

Find out our top picks for the best Basecamp alternatives.

One of the better free alternatives to Trello, Basecamp, is best for small practices such as; entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses, and groups working in large organizations. They claim that 89% of their customers have said they have a better grasp on their business since they started using Basecamp.

It allows the users or teams to bring all the tools they are using to work in one place and get the job done. These tools normally consist of; to-do lists, message boards, schedules, documents & file storage, and even group chats. This way everyone knows what is going on and the percent of slip-ups decreases.

As one of the best Trello alternatives, Basecamp can improve client communication clients and communication between your team. Therefore, allowing a productive work environment, better project management, objective clarity, and goal execution.

Key Features

  • Simple, easy to use, and configure intuitive interface.
  • There is no need to hire professional recruitment to operate the platform.
  • Management of users is done with ease and clients can also be included to carry out the project.
  • It is effortless to add new users and have access to their information.
  • Integration with email can be done easily.
  • Through the use of new discussions, calendars, and projects, data organization is taken to a new level.
  • Documents are shareable documents as a reference tool, and there is a history of each file or project.
  • New sections can be created for specific projects.


  • Pricing starts at $99 per month.
  • There is a free version, free programs like Trello.
  • Basecamp offers a free trial.
  • It allows access to unlimited users, unlimited projects. Features include: Installed – Mac and Windows iPhone / iPad, Android; Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS. Training, online webinars, documentation, and support business hours online.

5. Zoho Projects

Download: AndroidiOS

Zoho Projects is one of the best Trello alternatives for teams that are big or small, in every industry to get the work done. It is great for planning projects, track their progress, collaborate, and keep up to date.

They claim that their software lets over 45 million users work online, which is quite effective in making sure everyone delivers their work on time. It is easy for any industry business to plan their projects, assign tasks, communicate effectively, never miss an update, and view detailed progress reports.

Most businesses use Zoho Projects to manage their software implementations. This is, in particular, helpful to those who involve discovery, design, execution, and training of software tools. There is also a suite of Zoho Projects that can be tailored to fit any business’s specified needs.

Key Features

  • Product updates are visible as posts in the feed, allowing users to make comments on an existing topic or make a new post.
  • Questions initiating discussions with the team can be done. Ideas, attachments, and teammates can be mentioned in the conversation.
  • It has the feature to set up a knowledge base, to store all the information needed to execute a project. Keeps new and old teammates updated.
  • Public and private chat rooms can be created with smaller groups, or chat one-on-one, and archived for reference.
  • To keep organized and information available at all times, dashboards, reports, and charts are at the user’s disposal.
  • Tools are available to help with scheduling, coordinate work, and keep an account for billable hours.
  • Features can be customized by the customer to fulfill their project management needs.


  • All the plans have a 10-day free trial and no credit card required.
  • Standard: at $3 per user/month. Up to 10 users and 10 Projects, and provides 5 Project templates, with file storage of 5GB. Features include; custom status for tasks & projects, issue tracker module, task dependencies (Finish-to-Start), and more
  • Express at $4 per user/month. Up to 50 users and unlimited projects, and provides 10 Project Templates, with file storage 20 GB. Includes recurring tasks, custom views, interactive Gantt charts, timesheet approval, business hours customization, and more
  • Premium: at $5 per user/month. Up to 100 users and unlimited projects, and provides 20 Project templates, with file storage of 100GB.
  • Enterprise at $6 per user/month. Unlimited users, unlimited projects, and provides 30 Project templates, with file storage of 120GB.

6. Redbooth

Download: AndroidiOS

As one of the Trello software competitors, Redbooth aids teams to manage their tasks and improve their internal communication. If teams are organized, the work is completed more easily with better speed.

Work can be sorted by added tasks, assignees, due dates, and tags for top-notch task management.

Communication and collaborating on tasks have become easier since Redbooth allows users to converse via threaded conversations to keep checks and balances. HD video meetings can be started with just two clicks, all while visualizing and arranging task boards, and tracking through dashboards and reports.

Redbooth has mobile-friendly project management software, which allows teams to stay connected with both iOS and Android. Users can see all the apps, integrations, and extensions for desktop, browser, and email. Unfortunately, it is not one of the free Trello alternatives.

Key Features

  • It is easier to delegate responsibilities throughout the team with assigned users, which includes; task date ranges, status, priority, and custom tag options.
  • Simple to use and easy to plan projects with its intuitive design, and customizable Kanban boards can be used to keep track of the work.
  • Helps the team remain focused by managing tasks, track updates, and collaborate easily.
  • Use Redbooth’s Timeline View and track projects with Gantt charts.
  • Use the drag and drop feature to change dates, create task dependencies, and add tasks with
  • Have an in-depth view of the work progress by analyzing the planning progress with Redbooth reports, overviews, and calendar.
  • HD video meetings are powered by Zoom and connect teams immediately.


  • Pro cost is $12 per month/user billed monthly, $9 per month/user billed annually. Features include; Unlimited workspaces, Time Tracking, HD Video Meetings.
  • Business cost is $18.75 per month/ user, $15 per month/user billed annually. Features include; resource management, advanced subtasks, Redbooth Predict™.
  • Enterprise cost is customized. Features include; multi-org settings, success manager, volume discounts.

7. GanttPRO

Mobile apps not available

As one of the Trello competitors, they claim 500 000+ managers from 120 countries trust GanttPRO to plan, create, and manage projects. These projects are in IT, construction, development, event, and many other industrial spheres. It decreases missed tasks and deadlines by ten-fold.

The software is similar to Trello’s important features of a strong project management tool much like the ones stated above. However, it makes sure that everyone is on the same page with ease. Since it is easy to use, it’s users like using its web collaborative form.

It is quite simple and quick for users to switch from Gantt to Board view to see which tasks are in progress. It is easy to access all its features and user-friendly.  Teammates can be sent invites to edit or view the chart, and they can help one another to edit their projects in the Gantt chart.

Key Features

  • Communication with clients is more efficient: projects can be shared with customers with just a few clicks.
  • Workload features can be used to fine-tune team productivity.
  • It takes away the unnecessary time spent on management, decreasing risks, and letting users manage projects effectively.
  • Collaboration and teamwork efficiency brings team members closer.
  • Using pre-configured templates enables the simplification of planning.
  • Users can easily import existing project plans.
  • All the changes made in the project can be tracked with ease along with access to the information needed.


  • Individual: $15 per user/month and is billed annually. It is great for personal needs, and they give a free trial.
  • Team: $8.90 per user/month billed annually. It is great for companies with 5+ users, and they allow a free trial.
  • Enterprise contact the team to create a customized package. They add 15+ users or make any other request from the customer.
  • Features in all of the plans include; team collaboration, workload management, customizable templates, cost tracking, deadline management.

8. Smartsheet

Download: AndroidiOS

Check out our top picks for the best Smartsheet alternatives.

Smartsheet is one of the best Trello alternatives. It is a simple tool that is used to create timelines in sync with workflows. This software is also easier to teach and learn and be shared across the entire organization. However, this fills the gap that is caused by Excel spreadsheets.

As one of the Trello software competitors, Smartsheet is used by various organizations for numerous internal and external operations. It helps in tracking their employees’ and consultants’ time across multiple projects. The Dashboard feature is used to track the current and ongoing projects.

Smartsheet also aids users in tracking and managing the company and consultant invoices. Resource contact information, vacation, or leaves, the onboarding process for new employees, is all stored and filed with Smartsheet. The purpose of Smartsheet is to help businesses track and manage numerous different types of processes all over the whole organization.

Key Features

  • Smartsheet encourages dynamic workflows by planning, adapting, and getting things done quickly.
  • Free template solutions provide aid in helping the organization overcome a variety of business challenges, and keep everyone in sync.
  • There is a no-code platform, allowing Smartsheet to be flexible, letting teams of any size build the solution needed, and adapt to change.
  • It provides security within the organization, and users can quickly add a person as a viewer or editor if needed.
  • Visual aid is given through conditional formatting showing what is going on within each sheet.
  • There are Gantt charts project scheduling and management, which is are essential project dependencies.
  • It is a cloud-based software so it is useful and very suitable for mobile management.



  • Individual: starting from $14/month. Features include third-party integrations, free templates, data capture with forms, workflow automation, and recurring tasks.
  • Business: starting from $25 per user/month. Features include dashboards & charts, user activity logs, data connectors, groups, and user management, reporting features, and more.


  • Enterprise has customized pricing plans. It has all the features of the Business Plan, including unlimited sheets, SSO with directory integration, approved domain sharing, configurable file storage options, customizable user experience, system and group admin features, access to premium add-ons, and support.
  • Premier has customized pricing plans. It has all the features of the Enterprise Plan, including dynamic view, calendar app, data mesh, pivot app, premium support, and integration with Salesforce, Jira & MS Dynamics.

9. Microsoft Project

Mobile apps not available

Check out our top picks for the best Microsoft Project alternatives.

One of Trello’s software competitors is Microsoft Project, which is known for its top-notch project management processes. Users can rely on Microsoft Project to provide the core management process and planning functionality. It works well with Gantt charts and other agile workflow tools.

This software is built to ease project management workflows. They have made prebuilt workflow and report templates for immediate execution and speedy utilization. Microsoft Project is a powerful tool, however, it is simple to use and manage work from quick projects to more complex ones.

The features this tool releases are built with the purpose to enable resource management, planning, integration of BI tools, and third party programs. It can also be released on the cloud or on-premise.

As one of the Apps similar to Trello, this is great for remote teams who want to streamline their work.

Key Features

  • Microsoft Project starts in a centralized view, allowing us to create new projects easily with quick access to ongoing or old projects.
  • Projects can be planned and managed by using an ordered task list.
  • Custom task boards can be used to visually track project tasks for better workflow and status.
  • Has an understanding of tracking the correlative relationship of the assignments, dates, and project tasks in a visual timeline view.
  • Stakeholders and teammates can work together instantaneously to edit and update task lists, project schedules.
  • Scheduling can be overseen by applying views like Grid, Board, and Timeline (Gantt chart).
  • Pre-built reports can be used to track progress on projects, resources, programs, and portfolios.



Pricing for cloud variant starts from $10 per user/month and goes up to $55 per user/month. Features include Grid view, Board view, Timeline (Gantt) view, Collaboration, and Communication, Co-authoring, Project Planning, and Scheduling.


Pricing for on-premises installation starts at $620 per license. It helps customers with project management on-premises who don’t need collaboration tools and other advanced features. Fully installed, up-to-date Project desktop application, one license covers 1 PC per person.

10. Redmine

Download: AndroidiOS

Redmine is one of the best open-source Trello alternatives. It is a cloud-based project management software.

It permits users to manage several projects within the system, and this is possible because it is a cross-platform and cross-database solution.

Users can be allocated different roles on each project by the administrator. There is an issue management system, in which the users can define the status of each issue, along with its priority. Each issue has a type and role that can be set by the users through the workflow transitions.

Redmine also has a document management system that lets users share files on the system. Communication and collaboration are done easily through its messaging platforms. The most noted features are; Gantt charts, a calendar, time tracking functionality, feeds and email notifications, and self-registration support.

Key Features

  • Tasks can be created and assigned for single users that have details and due dates.
  • Project templates can be used to set deadlines and goals for tasks, manually or automatically.
  • Priority levels can be set on tasks to help users organize their work.
  • Keeping the scope of the project in mind, users can plan and create the work breakdown structure.
  • Using milestones, due dates, deliverables, and interdependencies, it is easier to map out projects.
  • Gantt charts are used to provide visual representations of tasks, dependencies, and project progress.
  • Critical paths are automatically calculated and updated when projects change.


Redmine is free open-source software. However, using some Redmine plugins will incur costs.

11. LiquidPlanner

Download: AndroidiOS

The purpose of the LiquidPlanner is to give teams an improved way to plan and complete their work.  They claim that more than 1,000 teams from technology, development, and manufacturing use their online project management solution for fast results.

As one of the Trello competitors, it gives predictive, resource-based scheduling technology that checks the priorities of the tasks. It also checks the resources used and needed, the uncertainty of certain executions, which lets teams focus on the important tasks and make calculated decisions.

LiquidPlanner is great at managing complex marketing plans. It also is wonderful at determining which resources are available for requested projects. Users mainly use the tracking feature of this platform to maintain checks and balances of the work progress. The email integration is smooth.

Key Features

  • Users are allowed to set realistic estimates for budgets.
  • There is a priority-based scheduling system that allows tasks and assignments to be set accordingly.
  • Has the timesheets feature that is pre-populated with the user’s most relevant tasks.
  • Users are kept up to date on their team’s projects via recent conversations grouped by tasks that are revealed on the homepage.
  • There is a resource management feature that makes sure that everyone in the team an adequate amount of work per person.
  • Tasks can be assigned with ease and collaboration is done simply.
  • Using the APIs, users can add reports to the BI.


  • Free Trial provides unlimited access to the professional tier features for 14 days. There is no credit card required.
  • Professional has the cost of $45 per month/user, and it is best for small businesses and departments that manage many projects at once. The features it has are; comments with tasks, time tracking, iOS and Android Apps, analytics, phone and email support, and API Access.
  • Enterprise has customized pricing plans and the team has to be contacted to set one. It is the best of large organizations that manage over a hundred or more projects. It has the same features are the Professional plan, with the added few; resource workload report, expenses, and a single sign-on feature.

12. Teamwork Projects

Download: AndroidiOS

Teamwork Projects is one of the best free Trello alternatives.  Its prime focus is to take care of details for teams so their focus on their work increases. Trello vs competitors, Teamwork is great for freelancers to even large organizations. It is a one-stop solution as a work management software.

This software makes it easy for every teammate to see what other members are working on, with whom, and what the next task is. The size of the team is irrelevant since it works well with large groups of people. It is designed to be flexible for users to be able to apply it for work how they see fit.

Teamwork is essential when it comes to tools that help people manage their teams. It has all the needed features that users need to plan, communicate, execute tasks, and take care of details that do not need physical human input. It delivers client projects, executes marketing campaigns, sprint planning, and product launches.

Key Features

  • Easily create and assign tasks for every user with set particulars and due dates.
  • Milestones and deadlines can be set for tasks, manually or automatically, using project templates.
  • Keeping the scope of the project in mind, the work breakdown structure (WBS) can be planned and created.
  • Map out projects in correlation with milestones, due dates, deliverables, and interdependencies.
  • Visual representations of tasks, dependencies, and progress can be provided.
  • Map and plan projects to a schedule with due dates and deliverables detailed by an everyday agenda.
  • Allocate budgets concerning the project by task or resource.


  • Free: It gives the customer everything they need to start project management processes. The features it has are; 2 projects, 5 team members, limited board view, subtasks, and teamwork chat instant messenger.
  • Pro has a price of $11.25 per month/user and $9 per month billed annually. It allows a minimum of five users. Pro has the same features as Free Forever, along with; 300 projects, time tracking, billing and invoicing, dashboards, workload capacity, task list templates, 20 project templates, and more.
  • Premium has a price of $18.75 per month/user and $15 per month billed annually. It allows a minimum of five users. Premium has the same features as Pro, along with; 600 projects, 50 project templates, manage workload capacity, workload planner, project portfolio view, change history timeline, burndown reporting, and more.
  • Enterprise has customized pricing plans. It helps the user to grow their business with advanced project management features, security, and training. It has the same features as Premium, along with; unlimited projects, add 100+ team members, SSO, priority support, customer success manager, enterprise-specific APIs, and more.

13. Nutcache

Download: AndroidiOS

One of the best Trello alternatives, and known as the #1 project management app that everyone is cheering on. Nutcache helps users plan, track, and organize tasks and projects from one place and one tool. As a one-stop solution project management software is easy to use and simple to understand.

Users can organize their workload better since they can see all the tasks that need to completed and organized and group according to priority. Gantt charts can be used to plan, track, and enable a visual representation to increase productivity.

Project budgeting and cost management can now be simplified by Nutcache. This feature makes sure that the project runs seamlessly, effectively, and is profitable. Notification alerts can be set to make sure costs are not overrun.

Key Features

  • A one-stop project management solution, which benefits all.
  • Projects can be planned and organized according to the business workflow.
  • Budget for projects can be made and notifications can be set to avoid cost overruns.
  • Invite and collaborate with consultants and clients to give feedback on current projects.
  • Work hours can be logged in whether at the office or on the road.
  • Payments for the user’s invoices time and expenses get submitted and paid quickly online.
  • Timers can be run on tasks ensuring that the user gets paid for every minute they have worked, whether at work or on the move.


  • Freelancer has the price of $8.95 per month and $11.95 per month billed annually. It allows a maximum of one user and up to 50 clients. Users can start a free trial. The features it has are; time & expense tracking, unlimited invoices & estimates, unlimited projects & boards, my workspace, budget management, and unlimited guest users.
  • Pro has a price of $6 per month/user and $8 per month billed annually. It allows a minimum of five users and unlimited clients. Users can start a free trial. It has the same features as Freelancer, along with; Gantt chart, task dependencies, project reports, analysis tools & KPIs, and 25 GB document storage.
  • Enterprise has a price of $12 per month/user and $16 per month billed annually. It allows a minimum of five users and unlimited clients. Users can start a free trial. It has the same features as Pro, along with; agile planner, custom security profiles, time & expense approvals, team management, advanced budget management, and 100 GB document storage.

The need to manage projects, clients, and teams remotely has never been greater than now (during the COVID-19 pandemic). These software programs like Trello will help us enable businesses to thrive during these dark times.

Have you ever used Trello or any of the Trello alternatives we mentioned? If so, which ones have you used and how has your experience been? Tell us which is better – Trello vs. competitors – by commenting below.

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