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17 Awesome Social Media Management Tools for 2021 🤳🏽

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Today, we are going to take a look at social media management tools that help you automate most of your social media scheduling, posting, sharing, support, and other processes. But before that, let’s take a quick look at the social landscape and the opportunities it

In 2019, there were 3.2 billion people worldwide who had a presence on social media, making this almost 42% of the entire population of our planet.

Now imagine that many people on social media redefining the sense of macro and micro-economy for businesses. How?

Not long ago, research stated that 71% of consumers are likely to endorse a brand on social media if they’ve had a good experience.

When businesses create a pathway with their brands on social media, not only do they generate more customers but they also manage to connect with their customers on a more personal level.

The Best Social Media Management Tools in 2021

Below are some of the best social media management tools that we feel can be very beneficial for small businesses.

1. Hootsuite

Editor’s Pick: Best Free Social Media Management Tool 👑

Hootsuite is by far one of most the most popular and highly recommended social media management systems for up and coming businesses. It helps the business or user to all their social media from one place.

Its main purpose is to help the user keep track and manage several social media networks. It allows users to monitor what everyone is saying about their brand and enables them to respond to the public instantly.  Is it one of the best social media management tools?

If a person manages their business’ social networks, there is a high chance they know of Hootsuite. This social media management tool was launched back in 2008 by Invoke Media and since then it has developed a string of strong features for its consumers.

Is Hootsuite a Social Media Management Tool? 🤔

Yes – Hootsuite is a powerful social media management tool. The user can view streams from various social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, post status updates, reply directly to DMs, and more without having to leave the Hootsuite dashboard.

Social media management tools have become immensely popular with businesses that need to manage a mother-load of platforms in one go. Hootsuite happens to be the most comprehensive social media management tools in the industry.

A survey had been conducted by a monitoring tool called Pingdom that over 20% use Hootsuite to manage social media platforms and is one of the best social media management tools.

Key Features

  • It saves time by scheduling your posts and allows the business to have an online presence that is available 24/7.
  • Content curation allows the user to manage their content with ease. Content can be pre-approved, stored in their favorite cloud file service, tagging, searching and usage of stats.
  • Social analytics allows the user to measure their social media results, share insights, and have access to customizable easy-to-create reports.
  • Monitoring conversations using the filter functions of keywords, hashtags, and locations – in several languages.
  • The Hootsuite dashboard allows the user to promote their best performing content with just one click.
  • Team management is done easily, efficiently and effectively. Hootsuite provides flexible assignments, workflows, and approvals.
  • Third-party app integrations, which allows over 250 best of breed tech partners and applications. This feature is great for the discovery of new tools.


Hootsuite comes with five pricing plans and the details are below:

  1. Limited Free – cost is free, 3 social profiles, 30 scheduled messages, and 1 user.
  2. Professional – cost is $29/month, 10 social profiles, unlimited scheduling, 1 user and essential tools for effective social media marketing.
  3. Team – cost is $129/month, 20 social profiles, unlimited scheduling, 3 users, and an expanded suite of tools for social media marketing teams.
  4. Business – cost is $599/month, 35 social profiles, unlimited scheduling, and 5 users up to 10 maximum and advanced, scalable tools for large social marketing teams.
  5. Enterprise – cost is based on custom solutions, the customer can take their sales, service, and marketing to new levels with a custom social media solution.

2. Buffer

Over 75,000 brands and businesses trust Buffer as social media management tools. It helps them push engagement and achieve their set benchmark of results.

Buffer has an ideal selection of products for planning, scheduling and analyzing the results of content engagement with the audience. Known as one of the best social media management tools, Buffer offers a simple design interface and reasonable pricing plan options.

However, some users have felt as their teams grew and progressed, other similar products fit their needs at a lower price point.

Nonetheless, Buffer does allow social media marketers and teams to work productively and create top-notch quality work.

Key Features

  • Users can apply the pictorial features to plan and schedule their social media campaigns, to push creative content for their social media campaigns.
  • Receive in-depth insights, allowing the user to measure the impact of sales, engagement, and reach of the content will the help of effective reporting.
  • All social media platforms can be monitored in one place. This keeps a check on the consistency of the engagement on all channels.
  • Answers are given for the requirements of social media strategy.
  • Custom made reports are generated especially to be shared with teams.
  • A shop grid is available for those businesses that require a sales boost.
  • Buffer allows the user to mix and match their tools to see which ones are compatible with the user’s needs.


Buffer has different pricing plans for its three brand-building tools that all start a free 14-day trial. Below is a breakdown of all the pricing plans.

  1. Publish Tool:
    1. Pro –cost is $15/month; billed monthly and $12/month; $144 billed annually, 8 social accounts, 100 scheduled posts, and 1 user.*
    2. Premium –cost is $56/month; billed monthly and $56/month; $663 billed annually, 8 social accounts, 2,000 scheduled posts, and 2 users.*
    3. Business –cost is $99/month; billed monthly and $85/month; $1,010 billed annually, 25 social accounts, 2,000 scheduled posts, and 6 users. *
  2. Reply Tool:
    1. Pro –cost is $50/month; billed monthly and $42/month; billed annually, 1 user and 1 social account, tagging and 30 days report.
    2. Business –cost is $225/month; billed monthly and $188/month; billed annually, all professional features, automation rules, advance reporting.
    3. For each additional user $25/month and additional social account $10/month.
  3. Analyze Tool:
    1. Pro –cost is $35/month; billed monthly and $28/month; $336 billed annually, in-depth social analytics, strategy recommendations, unlimited reports.
    2. Premium –cost is $50/month; billed monthly and $48/month; $480 billed annually, includes stories analytics, strategy recommendations, unlimited reports, report white labeling, Shopify integration.

*Note: When the free-trial ends, the user may downgrade to the basic Free plan: 3 social accounts, 10 scheduled posts, 1 user.

3. Canva

Canva is one of the free social media management tools, which is a web-based platform. It allows small and large businesses to produce customized graphs, prints, and presentations.

This is all done with the help of professional layouts, templates, frames, voice icons and so much more.

Even though certain features can only be used once paid for, Canva offers quite a few features that allow users to share with their teams. This makes it easier to receive feedback on tasks, projects, and processes by adding teammates.

Canva also offers a style guide which can be set by the user, under the section of the brand. This is one of the social media management tools for small businesses that help it grow.

The best part is that the software offers quite a lot in the free version, making it one of the best free social media management tools.

Key Features

  • Provides themed layouts and customized templates for several occasions.
  • It allows the user to have access to stock images and illustrations.
  • Social media graphics are provided and customized according to the user’s needs.
  • The user has access to a whole library of fonts.
  • It has features that allow the user to drag & drop images and graphics as edit the visual to how they want it.
  • Canva also has customizable branding features, which allow the users to develop the brand from scratch.
  • User-friendly photo editing features.


Canva has three price plans with top features and below are the details:

  1. Free – cost is free, 8,000 free templates, 100 plus design types,100s of free stock images and graphics.
  2. Pro – cost is $12.95/month; billed monthly and $9.95/per user/month; billed annually, has everything that the free plan has, branding kit, custom templates, one-click redesign, and free templates.
  3. Enterprise – cost is customized/month; billed monthly and $30/user/month; billed annually, has everything that the pro plan has, 24/7 customer support, brand kits, built-in workflows, and unlimited storage.

4. CoSchedule

Using CoSchedule’s Work Organizer, it is easier for people to manage their teams, projects, and work processes. Teams can be organized from one place, and with the help of automation workflows are enabled. This way deliverables are completed on time.

Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for Content Marketing Platforms, has recognized this as one of the best social media management tools. It is also reputed as one of the social media management tools for small businesses that want to flourish into large enterprises.

Efficient, effective and affordable – Canva is considered a top tier collaboration tool.

Key Features

  • CoShedule allows one software to bring all the needed marketing requirements tailored in a package for the user.
  • The marketing calendar allows a global cross-functional view of all the projects.
  • The content marketing software maps out the entire content strategy and integrates all the platforms.
  • If the user wants to create and execute large scale campaigns, the social organizer provides all the required necessities.
  • The software has a team collaboration feature, which allows amplified workflows.
  • All of the team’s resources and source files are accessible from one platform.
  • CoShedule’s products are available in a separate price list for each item.


CoSchedule has different pricing plans for its building tools that all start a free trial or request a demo. Below is a breakdown of all the pricing plans.

  1. Marketing Tool: all the tools needed to organize the marketplace.
    • Growth – cost is $150/month; 3 users and 10 social profiles.
    • Professional – cost is $650/month; 5 users and 15 social profiles.
  1. Content Organizer: software created to push strategy, consistency & growth.
    • Growth – cost is $60/month; 3 users and 10 social profiles.
    • Professional –cost is $250/month; 5 users and 15 social profiles.
  1. Work Organizer: team collaboration software that simplifies, manages and automates workflows.
    • Growth – cost is $40/month; 3 users and 10 social profiles.
    • Professional – cost is $250/month; 5 users and 15 social profiles.
  1. Social Organizer: social media management software for publishing and monitoring.
    • Growth – cost is $100/month; 3 users and 10 social profiles.
    • Professional – cost is $300/month; 5 users and 15 social profiles.
  1. Asset Organizer: digital asset management software.
    • Growth – cost is $50/month; 3 users and 10 social profiles.
    • Professional – cost is $200/month; 5 users and 15 social profiles.
  1. Editorial Calendar:
    • Individual – cost is $20/month; blog and social media editorial calendar for solopreneurs and bloggers, 1 user, 10 social profiles
    • Startup – cost is $50/month; blog and social media editorial calendar for startups and small businesses, 1 user, 10 social profiles

5. ContentStudio

The #5 social media management app on our list comes all the way from Pakistan. Meet ContentStudio, an all-in-one social media tracker, scheduler and automation tool for small businesses.

As multi-use social media management and a content marketing tool, ContentStudio enables a user to discover, compose and share the best-created content.

With a complete set of products that do all these things and much more, the automation process makes the progress of teamwork effective.

ContentStudio is the ultimate tool for finding content that is trending, all while managing various social networks, recycling posts, analyzing performance and collaborating with the team.

It is one of the most suited one-stop-shop for a person’s social media marketing needs. It also allows a user to search for topics that interest them, share articles, create new ones and share those across all of the linked social media accounts.

This tool is a niche for bloggers and influencers.

Key Features

  • ContentStudio allows the user to streamline their content marketing with their social media platforms.
  • Centralized content marketing operations for all channels using all the tools that are required.
  • Through the discovery tool, the user can analyze data and share it with relevance to the content in any industry.
  • Team collaboration is done with ease and planning is made with the help of an insightful editorial calendar.
  • The Publisher tool allows the user to schedule their content from one dashboard to various platforms.
  • Performance indicators and measurements can be taken to track KPIs, with the help of analytics.
  • The UX & UI design interface is super simple to navigate and easy to use.


ContentStudio has different pricing plans for their products that all start a free 14-day trial. Below is a breakdown of all the pricing plans.

  1. Pro: Solo-marketer, cost- $49/month and $39/month billed annually, workspace(s), social accounts, blogs, automation campaigns, a post per month (social), and post per month (blog), custom topic feeds, and searches per day.
  2. Small: Business & Agency, cost-$99/month and $79/month billed annually, same features as Pro plan except Team Members features are added.
  3. Medium: Business & Agency, cost-$199/month and $159/month billed annually, same features as Small plan except extra numbers to the features are added.
  4. Large: Business & Agency, cost-$299/month and $239/month billed annually, same features as Medium plan except extra numbers to the features are added.
  5. Enterprise: customized for the customer.

6. SEMrush

SEMrush is one of those social media management tools that can give high-level results. It divides them into two sections:

  1. the Social Media Poster, and
  2. the Social Media Tracker

The first one is a publishing and scheduling featured function and the other one sets the benchmarks for social analytics. However, both of these sections are linked to one another allowing the user to have access to all the data and resources to derive a powerful social media campaign.

This tool also provides a tailor-made functionality to its users.  A feature like this gives the user the preferred data per platform that caters to user behavior, marketing needs and creates a bond with the brand and its consumer.

Key Features

  • Receive analytical reports, where the user receives the competitor’s strategies in various platforms and solutions.
  • Various tools are provided to cross, pair and envision different forms of data.
  • Tracking for different projects is made easier with the campaign metrics that are set from one place.
  • Finding a solution to a problem that is effective, by leveraging marketing intelligence – this allows better-informed decision making.
  • Perform site audits, social media tracking, SEO checking and brand monitoring – from one place.
  • Mapping of group segmentation to be able to develop top-notch content and advertising strategies.
  • All the tools provided also give systemized, thoroughly checked PDF reports with genuine data.


SEMrush has different pricing plans, which can be tried for free. Below is a breakdown of all the pricing plans.

  1. Pro: for freelancers and startups, cost- $99.95/month and $83.28/month billed annually, runs SEOs and analytics to find your competitors rankings.
  2. Guru: for SMBs and marketing agencies, cost-$199.95/month and $166.62/month billed annually, content marketing platform, branded reports, historical data, and extended limits.
  3. Business: eCommerce projects, businesses & agencies, cost-$399.95/month and $333.28/month billed annually, white-label reports, API access, extended limits and sharing options, Google Data Studio Integration.
  4. Enterprise: customized for the customer.

7. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a strong SEO tool that helps its users drive better SEO results. This tool helps users make, build and link better content creating efforts. Ahrefs can help the user research for keywords and also check for backlinks.

Sometimes it is difficult for people to create content that is relevant to their target audience. It is even more difficult to check which type of content has the highest shares. Ahrefs can help its users create new ideas for good quality engaging content.

This tool can also check which keywords are being used by the user’s competitors. It can also check the content they make that leads to high traffic. With the use of this particular feature, users are given a head start before their opponent makes a move.

Key Features

  • Gives the user access to tools that enable the search traffic to grow and monitor their niche industry along with their competitors.
  • Ahref updates their tools regularly, which increases; competitor analysis, keyword research, backlink research, content research, rank tracking, web monitoring.
  • Ahref provides customer support that is available 24/7.
  • For those users who are not tech-savvy, Ahref has customized and tailored learning materials for them.
  • The tools that users are given access to allow them to see what makes their competitors better than them and how they can beat them.
  • Ahref is known to have the best and complete data in the industry through the use of their power tools.
  • They have a private Facebook community, which takes full advantage of insights from the movers and shakers of the industry and its specialists.


Ahrefs has four pricing plans and the first two can be tried for a 7-day trial period for $7. Below is a breakdown of all the pricing plans.

  1. Lite – cost- $99/month and $82/month billed annually, user 1, projects 5, rank tracker, site audits, site explorer, content explorer, keyword explorer, alert, extra tools.
  2. Standard – cost-$179/month and $149/month billed annually, 1 user, 10 projects, same features as the Lite plan except extra numbers to the features are added
  3. Advanced – cost-$399/month and $332/month billed annually, 3 users, 25 projects, same features as Standard plan except extra numbers to the features are added
  4. Agency – cost-$999/month and $832/month billed annually, 5 users, 100 projects, same features as Advanced plan except extra numbers to the features are added

8. Zapier

Zapier is one of the best free social media management tools, which connects all business and productivity apps. It is an online tool that helps create interlinked functions through these services.

This tool allows a chain of commands to be put together. For example; if A happens, then do B. This can be done with any app.  However, the hot-selling point of this app is the automation that is combined with various actions in a single step, which are called Zap.

Unfortunately, the free tier does not support the Premium Apps or the multistep Zaps, and the Zaps only run every 15 minutes. The features such as Autoreply or Paths cannot be used.

Growing businesses may find that the free version of Zapier is limited to use, but gives a good gist of how it works.

Key Features

  • When the user connects their apps, Zapier moves information between them automatically, therefore, increasing workflow.
  • Third-party app integration is allowed, which in return makes data sharing easier to do.
  • The integration and automation allow processes to build innovatively.
  • Zaps connects to the user’s everyday apps such as; Gmail, Gmail Dropbox, Slack to name a few.
  • The dashboard helps the user create workflows with just a few clicks from one place.
  • Once the user is signed up, they can receive email notifications from Zapier.
  • Even though the user is more than welcome to use the tools they are used to, Zapier still adds in new options every week to help the user enhance their productivity and quality of work.


Zapier has different pricing plans, which is also known as one of the free social media management tools. Below is a breakdown of all the pricing plans.

  1. Free – cost is free, 100 tasks/month, 5 Zaps, 15min Update Time, Single-step Zaps
  2. Starter – cost $2.99/month and $19.99/month billed annually, 750 tasks/month, 20 zaps, 15min update time, multi-step zaps, 3 premium apps, filters, custom integrations.
  3. Professional – cost-$61.25/month and $49/month billed annually, 2,000 tasks/month, unlimited zaps, 2min update time, multi-step zaps, unlimited premium apps, filters, custom integrations, custom logic – paths, auto replay.
  4. Team – cost-$373.75/month and $299/month billed annually, 50,000 tasks/month, same features as the Professional plan and; unlimited users, folder permissions, premier support, shared app connections, shared workspace.
  5. Company – cost-$748.75/month and $599/month billed annually, 50,000 tasks/month, same features as the Team plan and; unlimited workspaces, user provisioning (SCIM), apps access control, SAML single sign-on (SSO), custom data retention, and account capture.


IFFT is a wonderful tool that helps users automate any repetitive tasks. This tool has proved to an asset with the amount of valuable time it saves. It provides flexibility as software and simplifies tasks for those who want to systemize any redundancies in the work process.

This software works with many different systems, therefore, allowing the routines in processes to be automated simply. IFTTT allows third party integration, thusly making it easier to use different services together.

It is super easy and simple to use, with a pleasing design aesthetic. People have been using it for both personal and business solutions and it has proven to smoothen out any kinks and hindrances in their work processes.

Key Features

  • Integrates multiple software solutions to conduct business processes automatically, saves time and money.
  • Easy to use and simple to set up and since it integrates the user’s favorite software, they receive relevant add-ons and it works with various systems.
  • Allows the user to custom chain apps or functionalities to improve the user experience.
  • The automation feature speeds up the manual functions, therefore, improving productivity and optimization. While the user is completing or performing one command or task, they can start with the next one.
  • The user selects any brand from IFTTT and they can be embedded in their mobile app, website or email.
  • Receive insights on user/consumer behavior, which will enable the services to be enhanced.
  • Helps users evolve their products by connecting them to their audience.


IFTTT has different pricing plans for users. Below is a breakdown of all the pricing plans.

  1. Developer – cost $199/annually, x1 service with triggers, actions, and queries API performance and health dashboards and forum support.
  2. Team – cost is customized to the user’s requirements, same features as the Developer plan except certain features are added; Launch and embed solutions in any digital channel including mobile, web, and email, basic analytics and user insights, chat support.
  3. Medium – cost depends on the volume used, same features as Team plan except extra features are added; unlimited services for your products, premium analytics, user behavior, and business insights, enterprise service-level agreements, dedicated account management.

10. Edgar

Meet Eddie (formally known as Edgar), the cloud-based social media tool that helps everyone by scheduling their posts for them. His main concern is to help businesses organize social media updates in the form of a searchable library.

Edgar has been designed for all sized businesses. It is notably one of the social media management tools for small businesses.  Since it is a cloud-based social media scheduling platform, it makes it easier for users to schedule, automate and post content on Facebook, Instagram Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It has an easy set-up, it’s even easier to use and adjustments can be made on the go. The best part is that Edgar can and will pull new content from the user’s blog or website via RSS, which permits it to continuously add new fresh material as well.

Key Features

  • Subscribed users have access to Edgar’s smart composer, which automatically writes status updates from articles or blog posts.
  • Unlimited library access is allowed for users to stock text, images, and videos.
  • It provides the solution of unlimited categories to organize content.
  • Edgar gives its users unlimited access to their support team.
  • For those who want to learn about the business benefits of social media, Edgar University or the course hub provides premium courses for users to learn the dos and don’ts.
  • Split-tests can be conducted on social media posts to see which content performs better.
  • Users can sign up for a free month and then pay a subscription if they choose to.


Edgar has two pricing plans, one that has more features and the second one caters to users who want fewer features. Below is the breakdown of both the prices.

  1. The original plan‘s cost is $29/month, an introductory 4-month promotional offer available to new customers only with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Connects up to 25 social accounts.
  2. The second new pricing tier plan is only for 500 customers and up till February 2020, only 297 customers have taken the slots. It manages your social feeds, connects up to 3 accounts, and schedules 10 posts a week.

11. Sendible

Sendible is one of the best social media management tools that are very popular among marketing agencies, businesses, and freelance social media consultants. It offers users various features that are easy to use and allow them to manage their social media tasks smoothly.

These daily and campaign tasks can be executed with accuracy. The services are similar to Hootsuite, however, it has some slight differences. The design interface is such that can be navigated easily by a novice.

With over 20 integrations of social media networks, blogs, social sharing sites, and even Slack – Sendible has been labeled one of the best social media management tools. This tool is prime for those social media marketers who have an incredibly busy and fast agenda.

Key Features

  • The dashboard allows the user to navigate social media tools with optimized functionality.
  • Strategize, plan, and publish content from one place.
  • Collaborate with teams and clients to develop and approve social media posts.
  • Have access to analytics that give vigorous insights from social media data.
  • Users can monitor and engage with brand mentions in a positive light.
  • The mobile app provides greater options for accessibility on the go.
  • These third-party app integrations allow immediate publishing.


Sendible has different pricing plans for its products that all start a free trial. The breakdown of all the pricing plans are as follows:

  1. Starter: Solo-marketer, cost- $29/month and $24/month billed annually; time is saved by scheduling content to be posted throughout the week, 12 services, 8 quick reports, 1 user.
  2. Traction: Startup Agencies, cost-$99/month, and $84/month billed annually; client collaboration is done efficiently to generate awareness of their brands, 48 services, build 15 reports, 3 users.
  3. Growth: Growing Agencies, cost-$199/month, and $169/month billed annually; work more effectively to show clientele real results from social media, 105 services, build 35 reports, 7 users.
  4. Large: Large Teams, cost-$299/month, and $254/month billed annually; social media management measured and operated with advanced tools & custom workflows, 192 services, build 60 reports, 12 users.

12. Sked Social

Formerly known as Schedugram, Sked Social is the all-in-one visual social media platform for agencies, brands, and businesses. It helps users build from scratch, to create and place all their social media content online.

All of this can be done during collaborations with teams and partners.

Sked is now the only platform a user needs to create, plan and publish their Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter (coming soon) posts online. It has unlimited user accounts, which means no extra cost, and no one is forced to share logins.

Sked Social does allow a 7-day free trial. It is also trusted by over 10,000 businesses who use Sked Social every day.

Key Features

  • Sked Social allows users to schedule posts and stories and automatically publish them wherever they are at whatever time.
  • Large or small team collaborations are done with ease, which helps increase a better workflow.
  • Gives access to visual marketing tools such as; photo and image editors.
  • Set an alarm system to remind the poster what time of day a particular post has to be published accordingly.
  • This tool is built by experts for all types of users – from the tech social newbies to skilled specialists.
  • Social media post templates are built-in to increase workflow efficiency.
  • The user can streamline their workflow by viewing past and future posts, planning and creating, and of course scheduling.


Sked Social has pricing plans that can be tried for a 7-day free trial period. The details of the plans are below.

  1. Freelancer – cost $25/month and $21/month billed annually, key features, Instagram posting features, Twitter and Facebook feature, advanced Instagram analytics, content curation and creation, planning & scheduling across platforms, support and security.
  2. Marketer – cost $75/month and $63/month billed annually, same features as the Freelancer plan except for extra variants to the features are added.
  3. Agency – cost $135/month and $113/month billed annually, same features as the Marketer plan except for extra variants to the features are added.
  4. Enterprise – cost $260/month and $217/month billed annually, same features as the Agency plan except for extra variants to the features are added.
  5. Custom – this plan and price are completely customized for the user.

13. SharedCount

Launched in 2010, SharedCount is an online service that monitors u the number of instances the input URL has been shared on the most commonly used social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, to name a few.

This service also helps the user keep track of the number of likes, tweets, posts, shares, etc. However, it is mainly designed to look out for the most trending URLs that are being shared all over the internet. It not normally is articles or websites that are shared in these URLs.

SharedCount provides insights into the social sharing information of those URLs that are entered in the monitoring box. It tracks the social share records of the user’s blog or internet site or any page they want and gathers info about its popularity on social media.

Key Features

  • First API tool that gives the user holistic engagement data for their website content.
  • Allows third-party integrations with WordPress, to allow content to be connected.
  • Easy to use and understand, operating it as an API is quite simple.
  • Makes it easy to see which content is connecting and which is not, this allows an effective ROI.
  • Has an extremely reliable API and social tracking system.
  • SharedCount is backed up by powerful servers.
  • SharedCount is programmed to handle large amounts of data and back it safely.


SharedCount has different pricing plans and the details are below.

  1. Personal – cost $40/month, 300,000 URL API Calls/Month Quota, 10,000 URL API Calls/Day Quota, 500 URLs per Bulk API batch request, domain whitelisting, email support, support for overages ($1 per 5,000).
  2. Professional – cost $160/month, 1,500,000 URL API Calls/Month Quota, 50,000 URL API Calls/Day Quota, 1000 URLs per Bulk API batch request, domain whitelisting, email support, support for overages ($1 per 10,000).
  3. Enterprise – cost $640/month, 7,500,000 URL API Calls/Month Quota, 250,000 URL API Calls/Day Quota, 10,000 URLs per Bulk API batch request, domain whitelisting, email support, support for overages ($1 per 15,000), dedicated private servers, custom subdomain, custom cache times.

14. Social Report

Social Report has been helping businesses grow and manage their social media since 2010. Known as the world’s most complete social media management platform, it features sophisticated scheduling, social monitoring, advanced analytics, one-click reporting, smart automation, to name a few things.

This tool was designed mainly to provide service to agencies and marketing teams. People have chosen it because of their reporting skills, which allows them to create monthly reports for each client. These reports are generated automatically and emailed to the user at the start of each month.

Social Report is easy to use and does offer a 30-day free trial. It may not fall under the best free social media management tools category but it does fall under the best social media management tools.

Key Features

  • Derive profound insights from social analytics with the data given, leading to strategic decision-making for business development.
  • Social media content posting, scheduling, and overall communication are made easy for up to date and advanced tools.
  • A smart scheduler is a tool that changes the overall mechanics of how and when a user should schedule a post depending on the social traffic and performance.
  • Social media monitoring can be done with social media listening tools.
  • The smart social inbox allows the user to never miss a business interaction.
  • Reports are easily accessible and in a presentation format.
  • Team collaborations, along with customer management can be done with ease.


SharedCount has different pricing plans all of which include a 30-day trial period and the details are below.

  1. Standard – cost $49/month, for growing businesses, manage up to 5 projects, 5 users, and 25 profiles.
  2. Advanced – cost $99/month, for large scale projects/needs, manage up to 10 projects, 10 users and 50 profiles.
  3. Enterprise – cost $199/month, for enterprises and agencies, manage up to 20 projects, unlimited users and 200 profiles.

15. Hopper

There was a time Hopper was known as an automated scheduling tool for Instagram. However, now it supports Facebook and Twitter as well. It has heavily stuck to the visual aspect of design. Therefore, this tool has the main focus of impeccable UI and feature design support.

The first comment made can be scheduled, inbuilt hashtag searches can be executed and a week’s worth of content can be scheduled, making the task look effortless. The plus point of Hopper is that the user can have a preview of how the post looks before it is published.

Hopper has strong customer support that has an instant messenger on the site to speak to the team.  Therefore any problem can immediately be resolved. They have a very helpful and friendly team.

Key Features

  • Posts can be scheduled posts at any time of the day, individual time zones can be set for each account – instantly!
  • The drag and drop posts feature to make it easier to create drafts and approve content.
  • Up to 50 social media posts can be scheduled, set post times and scheduling can be done for various accounts.
  • For Instagram Analytics users can track their follower growth, and find the best time to post and compare their past posts.
  • Posts can be created, planned, and scheduled on the Hopper iOS app.
  • Using the grid planner, the user can see how their post looks like before publishing it.
  • Old posts can be reused and rescheduled, by using the reschedule


Hopper gives a free 14-day trial.  However, the pricing plans are customizable. The account bundles can be bought per month or annually. One bundle is $19/month and $16/month billed annually. As the bundles increase so do the price.

16. Quuu

Being known for being the best software to go to find quality content to share on social media, Quuu is the ultimate tool for content curation. Users no longer have to connect to third-party integration schedulers to share their Quuu content suggestions.

It now distributes content through the user’s primary social media networks. It is easy to use with great design navigation, speedy, and with relevant usage.

Quuu is also known for its reliable services, with very little to no technical problems and it is very easy to set up.

Key Features

  • Content can be sent directly to Buffer, HubSpot, Socialbee, or Hootsuite schedule.
  • All the user has to do is sign up, connect their account and choose the options that are right for their needs.
  • To save time, content curation can be put on autopilot to save more time for other tasks.
  • Quuu integrates with the user’s favorite scheduling tools; Buffer, HubSpot, Socialbee, or Hootsuite schedule.
  • This is the only tool hand-curates content in over 500 interest categories, therefore, users will always have relevant content to engage with their audience.
  • It has a free plan that has no usage time limit set against it.
  • It aids in providing a social media strategy since it specializes in content curation.


Quuu has three pricing plans and the details are below.

  1. Free – cost is free, up to 6 new content suggestions per day per profile, send content to 1 social media profile, 1 Pod included, RSS feeds.
  2. Pro – cost $19/month or $8.33/month billed annually, up to 6 new content suggestions per day per profile, send content to 10 social media profile, 3 Pod included, RSS feeds.
  3. Enterprise – cost $50/month or $40.83/month billed annually, up to 6 new content suggestions per day per profile, up to 10 team members, send content to 100 social media profile, unlimited Pod included, RSS feeds.

17. Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post was created to help website admins push the traffic leading to their website.  It also helps their social media followers and keeps their current followers engaged.  This can be done by automatically sharing posts and content from their WordPress site to their various social networks.

This is a must-have a plugin, which has more than 40,000+ WordPress site owners use Revive Old Posts as their go-to social media automation tool and scheduling plugin for WordPress.

Revive Old Post is a time saver and helps people enhance their social media marketing efforts and presence. By using Revive Old Posts, this plugin adds some social media automation to the user’s workflow processes.

Key Features

  • Users can set a schedule for how often they would like their old and newer content to be shared to social media a feature completely free.
  • Users can also set how many hours should go in between posts or set the time of day and days of the week they would like a post to social media.
  • A handy feature is the Auto-posting one for users who want to share to social media as soon as they have created content.
  • With Revive Old Posts, shares to social media include UTM tags to identify which social networks the traffic is coming from.
  • Helps with content curation and allows the user to pick and set which posts can and cannot be posted to social media.
  • Has tailored features for the user, to sustain and increase website traffic.


Revive Old Post has three pricing plans and the details are below.

  1. Personal – cost $75, support for 1 site, share up to 50 accounts, 1-year types of updates and support.
  2. Business – cost $149, support for 3 sites, share up to 50 accounts, 1-year types of updates and support, custom schedule.
  3. Marketer – cost $299, support for unlimited sites, share up to 50 accounts, 1-year types of updates and support, custom scheduling, and posts.


Over the years social media has developed into something so much more than a communication tool. It builds value not just for large brands and businesses, but also for small aspiring businesses and entrepreneurs.

If any of you have used these social media management tools, which ones do you feel are the ones that never fail? Share your thoughts with us.

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